Maintenance HTS Codes

Program ahtsmnt has been enhanced to allow maintenance of the HTS Codes (file ahts.txt).

As ahts.txt is not an official RSI file, the customer is responsible for the codes´ maintenance.
For an update to ahtsmnt Version 1.03, please contact

Due to compatibility issues with recent versions of the PLB interpreter the support for glibc 2.2 based Linux distributions will end on 31/12/2007. These systems are typically 5+ years old. Please upgrade you systems in time. The RSI IT Infrastructure department will happily assist you in the upgrade process if desired. Please contact Gunther Schlegel for further details.

The affected Linux distributions are:

  • RedHat Linux 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3
  • RedHat Linux 8.0
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 2.1 (this includes rebranded distributions like White Box Enterprise Linux 2.1 and CentOS 2.1)
  • other distributions, which have never been officially supported, are affected as well.

PROCARS has a new editor NOTEPAD.

  • Stand-alone mode: The editor can be started on its own to create notes on the system
  • eMail functionality: Notes can be emailed, either as attachments or in the body of eMails
  • Wrap mode: Best display of long notes
  • Integration: NOTEPAD is integrated into the Unspooler from version 1.97; by setting of LRN 027/001=NOTEPAD, the editor is
    also used from PFHLOOK
  • REO tools NOTESREO is available as interactive or background job
RHEL 3.9 vsftpd bug

The vsftpd version 1.2.1-3E.12 delivered with the RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.9 update creates files with wrong, insufficient access rights. Please avoid using this version of vsftpd. An unofficial bug fix is available from RedHat or Riege Software on request.

FTP is a legacy protocol to transfer files between hosts. Riege Software encourages customers to use scp or sftp instead of ftp to improve system security.


We like to announce that we found communication a serious issue with RHEL 5.0. About 0.1% of outgoing email fails due to a segmentation fault when calling sendmail from the command line. Therefore RHEL 5 must not be used in combination with PROCARS yet. It is also unlikely that we will start to support RHEL 5 as of the 5.1 update release, as further testing is required.

The program ATBLOOK Version 1.77 has been enhanced to show airline other charges like fuel and security charges.
See the ATBLOOK F2 function description.

EXPMNT3B Pop up Screen

With the latest version of EXPMNT3B (6.17 or higher) you can also have additional pop-up screens to fit all the additional information. The following screens can be adjusted via slaymnt3:

Regular screen Direct shipment (EXPMNT3B.0) - Additional screen Direct shipment (EXPMNT3B.5)
Regular screen House shipment (EXPMNT3B.1) - Additional screen House shipment (EXPMNT3B.6)
Regular screen Master shipment (EXPMNT3B.2) - Additional screen Master shipment (EXPMNT3B.7)

Please note that the expmnt3b.5de, expmnt3b.6de, expmnt3b.7de are not "second" screens.
They replace expmnt3b.0de, expmnt3b.1de, expmnt3b.2de screens.
The screens expmnt3b.0de, expmnt3b.1de, expmnt3b.2de will be shown as a display screen
in the expmnt3y screen.

To implement please first copy the screens

cp expmnt3b.0de expmnt3b.5de
cp expmnt3b.1de expmnt3b.6de
cp expmnt3b.2de expmnt3b.7de

then add the screens in the laymnt3 overview and enhance the screens as required.

Our new tool "paradiff" allows you to compare global and local parameter values to receive a CSV-outputfile with the differences via email.
For more information please check our documentation.

This is the first news in the PRODOC space.
This function will be used to inform customers
about PROCARS program and PRODOC documentation

The settings at the moment are:

  • only up to five news will show up
  • they show up with title and and excerpt (or better only title and more news? Bit with title they are shown up in an ugly table ...)

After upgrading the wiki to version 2.2.1a the performance increased significantly. All performance blockers we recognized with the external user management have been eliminated. The response times of the wiki are very good now.

RSI plant eine erste Teilnehmerversion des internationalen EDV-Projekts ECS/AES (Export Control System/Automated Export System) unter PROCARS ab September 2006 sukzessive einzuführen.
Weitere Informationen

Flaymnt3 1.67 contains a new functionality.
By pressing F3Validat forms can be checked concerning Commandline-Structure.
Furthermore, the check is performed within a form in the Command-Column.

New functionality has been added to BCTSWAP and UPRGEN3.
Function key:

  • F3BraSort (sorts branches alphabetically)
  • F3DefSort (sorts branches by branch number)

Or enter the Branch Code.
After entering the first character the following pop-up box will open...

 +-Jump to branch code?-+
 | R                    |

Complete the entry and the cursor will move to the selected branch.

ProCarS Administrators - please keep in mind the functionality to change multiple local parameters with the F7LPARs function in PARINF3.
By pressing F4Copy on one value and F5Paste on the next value, multiple branch parameters can be changed at once.

RSIPRTQ3 Version 1.82 contains new functionality.
By tagging several spools and pressing F3Snd/Cpy, all tagged spools are sent in a zipfile to the eMail address maintained in USRMNT. If PDF printing is active, either the spools or PDFs can be sent in a zipfile.