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There has been a new function/Change for Slay-Screens: the display of variables (=@-fields) will be auto-formated to a corresponding length, so nothing will be overwritten. This means, that the label will remain even when fields are set too close together. This auto-format will include a "space" for separation, if the following character is a letter, a digit or a "@"-sign. Other characters (eg. "/", "^") will be excluded from this routine.

Example: in the screen you insert variable @A, which has a default length of 50 digits. However after 20 digits you insert a text (eg. KGS). Even though you can insert the total of 50 digits, in the display the system will only show 19 digits of @A, then have a "space" and then KGS. If you inserted a "/" instead of the text, the system would show 20 digits of @A and then "/".

This feature has been implemented to give more space and options to include more input/variables in one screen. Again, this feature is only restricted to the display of the values. The user is still able to insert the total length for each variable given in SLAYMNT3.

With new compiled program-versions, which use the include "SLAYINC" (eg. AIMNT), this feature will be available.

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