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Rollout schedule

QA-Systems: 2016-03-21
Client-Systems: 2016-03-28

  • (red star) - bug fix
  • (star) - improvement
  • (green star) - new feature

Changes for:

Customs NL






(red star)


NL Customs

AGS: Dropdown translation reversed

Translation of the declaration type in AGS was reversed NL Login displayed EN translation and vice versa, this has been updated to display the drop
down corresponding to the selected language



NL Customs

NCTS: Add shipment number to Transit Acc. Document

The shipment number of a linked shipment will now also be printed separately from the reference number field.

(red star)


NL Customs

Corrections to DMSEOG

The AGS3 - Confirmation of exit (DMSEOG) is now processed correctly.



NL Customs

AGS: Don't copy buyer/seller related toggles from article

The DV1 option "seller/Buyer relation" setting will be copied from the first item to the next items and not overwritten bij setting of the article selected

(red star)


NL Customs

Search/Sort Exception in C-Sum Take Out

Csum Homeview allows sorting by reference number again

(red star)


NL Customs

When creating Declaration from Comm Invoice line, article should be used

The registration and usage of commercial invoice details to a NL Customs declarations such as AGS, PD and VWA will now use article details as registrated on the article

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