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ChangeLog for 7.0.21

Rollout schedule

QA-Systems: 04-04-2015
Client-Systems: 08-04-2015

  • (red star) - bug fix
  • (star) - improvement
  • (green star) - new feature

Improvements and changes for 7.0.21







(green star)



T&T User: expire password after N days

T&T User: expire password after N days.
An expiration policy may be defined in the web settings on the layout tab (the complete organization) or on customer profiles (Note: NOT on legal entity profiles).
When the password is reset via the web page and when a user is updated in LDAP via the T&T appliance (NOTE: Riege Users are NOT updated) the time of the update is registered as last password change time. Every day at 8 pm all T&T users are checked if they are associated to a profile (customer or organization) that has a expiration policy set and if so if the last password change was too long ago. For those users an email is sent 10, 3, 2,1 days before expiration of the password and the day the account is disabled (by setting a random password).
The emails must be configured via the email-templates (Settings -> Email Settings -> Templates) T&T Password Expiration and T&T Password Expired.
If the email templates are not configured, no emails will be sent. (The account will be disabled anyway).

Customer-specific improvements






(green star)



Change to Scope Output File for QuickBooks

Change to Scope Output File for QuickBooks.
The issue is that QuickBooks will not permit the same name in the Customer list and the Vendor List. This is a problem for when a partner is a debtor and creditor. The solution is then to modify the name for the vendor extrapolating this condition by data within the file provided. In order to build the logic, we need additional information in the file and a change to the logic for NEW vs. MOD. So the two changes needed are:
1. In both the customer and vendor file - provide both account numbers preceeded by a V for the creditor account number (vendor) and C for the debtor (Customer) number.
2. In the QB file, there is a flag for NEW vs. MOD, and this condition changes to MOD after the first time that the partner exports to the file. We need the logic changed to reflect NEW and MOD separately between the creditor (Vendor) export and the debtor (customer) export process. The first time in either process must be new regardless if it has been exported for the other file or not, and then mod if it has been modified only in the respective exports for the customer or vendor.
This has been implemented

ChangeLog für 7.0.21


QA-Systeme: 04-04-2015
Client-Systeme: 08-04-2015

  • (red star) - Fehlerbehebung
  • (star) - Verbesserung
  • (green star) - Neues Feature

Allgemeingültige Änderungen für 7.0.21

Zoll DE






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Fehlermeldung: Failed to process ScopeJob in pool 'atlasLinkingJobPool'

Fehlermeldung: Failed to process ScopeJob in pool 'atlasLinkingJobPool'. Ursache war eine fehlende ContractOrder zu einem Vorgang. Die CUSTAX konnte daher nicht eingearbeitet werden. Dieser Fehler wurde behoben.

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