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ChangeLog for 6.2.60

Rollout schedule

QA-Systems: 10-09-2014
Client-Systems: 11-09-2014

  • (red star) - bug fix
  • (star) - improvement
  • (green star) - new feature

Improvements and changes for 6.2.60

Customs NL






(red star)POGO-18728NL CustomsDisable scheduled check of VAT (comfort 90).The VAT data will not be scheduled due a bug at NL Customs.
(red star)POGO-18733NL CustomsNew bypack options had been stipulated by NL Customs.Activating the bypack option will default the information on the second item automatically
(red star)POGO-18679NL Customs[Sagitta Export]UnderScore Should not be allowed in the reference field.In Sagitta Export Reference number field (box 7) a validation has been added to ensure that no _/underscore is used, Customs message specification does not allow an underscore in that field.


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