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To ensure data quality and integrity, wherever possible, data fields within Scope are subject to a validity check (validation).


The validation "on the fly" is carried out during the data collection. There are two possible types of validation results, an error or a warning, and either of these two types may appear in the field where the validation takes place.


The red "x" on the bottom left of the field indicates the field must be filled with valid data or the input data does not meet the validation guidelines. The data can not be saved while this error remains present.


This field should be filled or the entered data does not meet the validation guidelines. The data can still be saved.

Validation messages

The status bar displays the current validation result (error message). Double-clicking any validation message causes the corresponding field to temporarily flash pale red, and thus indicates which field is responsible for the validation message.

Saving data

If a save of data takes place while there are still validation errors, a save dialogue will appear displaying all the validation results (error messages) that are preventing the data from being saved. Once all these errors have been resolved, it will be possible to save the data.