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The Scope interface enables fast and efficient workflow via a logical and clear structure which assures intuitive handling.


Scope The user interface consists of the following basic elements.


Minimizes the application window in the taskbar.

Full screen

Maximizes the application window to full screen mode.


Closes the application window and terminating the application.

Main Menu Bar

Global actions, program actions and quick search are found on the menu bar.

Quick Access Toolbar

This toolbar on the left of the screen offers quick-access to the most important applications as well as currently open documents.

Active application

This is the work area. The active applications are loaded in this area.

Status bar

Information such as current username, validation reports and errors. Depending on the properties of elements, a left click can be used to perform further actions.

After login the Scope Home screen is opened. This allows navigation within scope, offers quick access to key applications and displays open documents available folders. The Quick Access toolbar and status bar are also always available when further applications are loaded.

Program Actions

These will vary depending on the active application being displayed. Individual program actions are explained in detail in the descriptions of each application.

Global Action

Global actions are independent of the currently active scope application.


These buttons are modeled on those found in a web browser. They allow scrolling forward and backward between the used applications and documents.


As found in a Web browser, reload of the home page within Scope, regardless of the current application being used.

Folder Menu

Add documents to a specific folder or sending to the Inbox folder of another user.

Scope Applications

This button displays the entire scope application menu. The various applications are arranged by topic each has a sub-menu. Clicking a menu item will open the desired application.

Quick search

Global Quick Search allows you to quickly locate the desired information.

Quick access

Quick access bar to the 7 most important scope-applications.

Folders pane

In addition to the System folder

Folder contents

Contents of the selected folders are displayed, which the selected folder. The default is to display the contents of the "recently used" folder.

Open document

This area shows the currently open documents. By clicking on the desired document, it is reloaded as the active application.


Clicking on the user name produces a list of available organizational units. Clicking on the desired entry will switch to that organizational unit (switch to a different branch).