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Focus for release 12.0 was set on improvements of our quotations module (CRM → quotations):

Quotations - Offer multiple options with different suppliers (POGO-71120)

A quotation can contain multiple options now: it can have different calculations depending on the products the  prospect is interested in or if the prospect requires different suppliers for the transport.

Via action "Offer multiple options" in tab "Calculation" you can add different variances for calculation:

The printout of the quotation will contain those calculation options for the prospect to choose. When chosen by the prospect, you can select the corresponding option while creating the shipment:

Quotations - Display of rejection reason and comment in home view (POGO-73658)

If a quotation is rejected by the prospect, you can set the status and add the reason and a comment for it. Additionally, not only can you enable the status as a column in the home view of the quotation module, you can also see the reason of rejection and its comment at the bottom of the screen now.

Quotations - Show quotation conversion rate of prospect in quotation editor  (POGO-73661)

When a quotation is created or edited and the prospect has been assigned, you will see the total number of quotations created for him as well as a conversion- and percentage rate of accepted quotations by him. If you click on the number of quotations, you will get an overview of them.

Quotations - Introduce cost center support for quotations (POGO-73872)

Cost centers can now be handled within quotations by selecting the corresponding cost center in the title bar of the quotation. Background for this enhancement is the potential dependency of activity types by a cost center, which may trigger different charge codes for the quotation. .

Automated creation of accounts receivables from an accounts payables voucher (POGO-72003)

If an AP voucher is restricted to one shipment, you can create an AR out of it to charge your customer for the costs:

To have the option "copy invoice to outgoing invoice", you need to press "right mouse click" on the corresponding AP in tab "Invoices" of the shipment. The status of the AP (e.g. open, finished) does not make a difference here. 

The receiver of this automated AP is the customer of the shipment and the charges are transferred 1:1 from the AP to this AR.

Support for Cash On Delivery (COD) (POGO-71547)

Scope supports the Payment Term "Cash on Delivery" (COD) :

In case one of the involved parties (shipper, consignee, customer) is a COD debtor, Scope blocks the shipment (similar to the blocks when a credit limit check fails). That means no documents can be printed or no action can be executed that may lead to costs for the forwarder.

To activate this function, you will need the assistance of the Scope Helpdesk. Please contact our team via (or F12 in Scope) for this new feature.

When activated, you can select in role "Debtor" of a partner the payment target "COD":

In shipment entry a corresponding validation will prohibit other actions then:

In contrast to the credit limit lock, the COD lock can be released by any user. By releasing the lock, the user confirms that a payment has been received upfront or that the required actions will be taken to ensure that the goods are not delivered without the payment.

You have to use Extras → "Show shipment blocks" in order to release the lock:

Via action "Resolve COD block" the validation of this shipment is resolved. The time of release as well as the username can be viewed afterwards at any time via Extras → "Show shipment blocks"

Sea Export Shipment Activity Calculator - Trigger cost calculation for import related activities (POGO-73410)

For the order type "Delivery" of ocean freight export shipments via Maintenance → Forwarding → Activity type maintenance, the trigger of its costs for the activity type calculator has been adjusted: the cost trigger is no longer linked to Incoterm (DDP) but to the combination of "collect / prepaid" & "scope of order" in the main carriage:

So even when the shipment is set to be "EXW", but booked as "Prepaid - to door" by the ocean carrier, the costs for the on-carriage will now be triggered correctly:


Incoterms 2020

The Incoterms in Scope have been updated to the standard of Incoterm 2020: the term "DPU - Delivery at Place Unloaded" is replacing the term "DAT - Delivered At Terminal".

Transmission of B/L Instructions - ISF Self-Filing (POGO-72871)

For transmitting the data of the B/L instructions via INTTRA (or other portals) with port of discharge in the USA or Canada, you may indicate whether the carrier should perform the ISF Filing or whether another party is responsible for it (Self-filing):


Truck Disposition - Display improvement of the transport orders

To improve the consolidation of open transport orders, the transport orders are showing more details now:

When the cursor is on the corresponding transport order, a popup will showcase additional information:

The setup is as follows:

1. column2. column3. column4. column5.column6. column
1. lineType of transport orderAWB-NumberName Pickup locationName Unloading locationNo of PiecesWeight
2. lineSymbol: red/white = shipment contains DGRReferencePlace of Pickup locationPlace of Unloading location
3. line
CustomerPickup time windowDelivery time window
Insurance amount
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