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New JIRA workflow with new fields:

Field description


This field will be filled automatically in your JIRA ticket when created via Scope F12. If created manually in JIRA, please make sure to insert the corresponding value in this field to allow you to see the tickets made by you and your colleagues. Please contact your Scope Support Team if you are unsure, which value to insert. In general we always suggest to create a ticket via Scope F12 to have all fields, a logfile, print screens and other important information provided to your Support Team automatically.

Support Team

This field will be filled automatically in your JIRA ticket when created via Scope F12. If created manually in JIRA, please make sure to insert the corresponding value in this field in order to for your Support team see the ticket in their overview. Otherwise the start of analysis of your request might unnecessarily get delayed. Please contact your Scope Support Team if you are not sure which value to insert.


 Seafreight Tariff Import: new additional field available

The new additional field "Conveyance Type" has been added to the import function.

These values will be allowed:

  • Air
  • Rail
  • Road
  • Barge
  • Express


Adjustments for users in Mexico

Tax logic MEX

Customers in Mexico now have the possibility in export and import shipments to mark the loading type as 'taxable' via check-box.

This was implemented in order to comply with Mexican taxation rules and prevents creation of a voucher if the partner has no valid tax ID.

Exchange rates MEX

There will be an automatic download from the Bank of Mexico of the MXN exchange rate for the following currencies: USD, CAN, JPY, EUR, GBP

Outgoing invoices MEX

An XML generation for outgoing invoices has been integrated in Scope (legally required in Mexico since last year)

The XML is named 'CDFI'. Scope supports both the actual version 3.2 as well as the next version 3.3 (as of July 2017).

Electronic seal for outgoing invoices in MEX

In Mexico, outgoing invoices must be (electronically) sealed by the tax authorities. Riege Software is currently developing a dedicated interface.

Scope can now emit and seal Mexican CFDI files, both in 3.2 and 3.3 format, as well as generate a valid Mexican pdf invoice.



The filter for the shipment monitor has been improved. "Earliest / Actual Exception Time" can now be chosen as a criterion.

Transport Orders

Instead of several action links, there is now one dedicated button which opens a selection list for the user to choose from. Additionally, the descriptions have been extended to make the function more clearly: 'New Pickup Order', 'New Delivery Order' etc.

Simple Shipments

Entry of Simple Shipments 'Road'

For Forwarding > Simple Shipments the entry for Road shipments has been enhanced.


It is now possible to select a Buying Product in the shipment (if maintained accordingly in Scope).


Buying products need to be maintained in the corresponding partner data.


Validation in the FWB Address

Formerly only available in the AWB editor, the validation of the character entry (not more than 35 characters) is now available in the e-AWB (FWB) Adress dialogue (via 'Edit Address F4').



If the address entered is too long, the user will be notified by a validation message:




Enhancement of Container Delivery Order

There are now three different conveyance types available for a container delivery order.


The user can choose between

  • Road
  • Rail
  • Barge

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