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Improvements to the note function for partners ensure only notes having priority "medium" or "high" will pop up, if the partner is selected in a shipment. Notes having "low" priority only show up in the Partners application when the partner is opened. Existing notes on partners with the status "low" have automatically been migrated to priority "normal", so that important information will not be missed. Notes with the priority "medium" pop up for short period and then close automatically, whereas "high" priority notes need to be manually closed by the user.


Air Export Shipments

The Consol Flighschedule is no longer a separated application.

It‘s embedded as a standard filter „Consolidation Flight Schedule“ and enables a more detailed search. Optional you can reach the primary „Consolidation Flight Schedule Reorganisation“ via Extras there.



The Airline FWB Messaging has only been applicable for Master and Direct shipments. With the latest Scope release it's now also visible for House shipments.

In the function "Finish", when sending a Pre-Alert, the contact person of the business partner from "Import-Agent" is now also shown.

The RFS-Flight search has been improved. It's now possible to search by AWB-Number. In addition you're able to mark RFS-Flights with "Done-Status".


Net Rate Search in Seafreight

The net rate search from the airfreight module is now available for the seafreight modules. Previously, rates need to be either manually entered, or imported via an Excel spreadsheet. In addition, the appropriate activity types need to be defined. If no activity types have been defined, the user will be informed during the search.

Within Seafreight > Net Rate Lookup the user can open the application.

The user can define the search criteria. Upon clicking "Search" the results are presented.

The general net rates are displayed in the tab "General". Under "Details" surcharges for sea freight are shown.

In addition, a search request for a defined container type (in a shipment) can be made.
Switch to the tab "Shipment" and refine the search by adding the container type to the other search criteria. In the overview under "Details" the costs are displayed.

Consolidation of Bookings in Shipment

In "Seafreight Export Booking" it's now possible to assign a booking to a shipment.

Under " Extras" select the Menu option "Assign to Shipment....".

A new window appears and the shipment can be chosen, to which the booking can be assigned.

The shipment data, e.g. pieces, weight and volume, will be adjusted accordingly.

Additionally under "Extras" > "Consolidate Bookings..." further bookings can be added.

In the new window the available bookings can be added to a shipment, or removed from it.

AWB Print Options - Customized Print

The OK button in the AWB Print Options dialogue (Customized Print) has been replaced with a direct Print button. Changed print settings from this dialogue (Customized Print) are not saved on the shipment. If the Print button on TAB AWB Printout is used, the predefined settings will always be used. The predefined settings can be adjusted by means of Settings/Air/AWB Print Configuration (per branch, airline, departure and/or destination).



Jobcosting Partner Definable via Activity Type

It is now possible to define in an Activity Type the specific partner (role) for which income or revenue is to be calculated. This can be adjusted for each type of income and cost.

Under Maintenance > Forwarding > Activity Types, you can create new or edit existing activity types.

In an Activity Type a title can be chosen for the income/cost to be added. Charge types can then be added including any applicable criteria.

"Assign charges to" enables the choice for the default debtor (income) or default creditor (cost). "User-defined" is meant for a specific debtor/creditor, selected from Partners.

Cost Center in the Title Bar

The shipment title bar shows the Cost Center. The cost center is defaulted by Scope. 

Click on the action link to change to a different cost center when required.

The display of the invoice status has moved from the shipment title bar to the top of tab "Jobcosting".


Notes Available in Scope Connect

Notes captured in Scope with the visibility "Web" are now visible in Scope Connect.

In Scope Connect the note will be marked with an icon "" in the overview of the shipments.

Opening a shipment in Scope Connect, the user can see the message and use the Read button to get the full message.

Global and Local Summary of Amounts

In the Shipment Overview, amounts can now be displayed using local or global view.

Selecting Forwarding > Shipment Overview the shipment overview will open.

The view is set to local by default, causing cost and revenue of only the current branch to be displayed.

By clicking on the blue actionlink the selection is switched to global.
Additional branches can be added to or removed from the selection to adjust the global search, depending on the user's branch permissions.

This allows costs and income generated by selected branches to also be shown. In other words, in the global view, amounts from the selected branches become visible.

Details will change depending on the choice of either local or global view. For example in the local view the invoice status, the expected profit and "Profit deviation from expectation" are shown.
In the global view these details are not included.

Local view:

Global view:

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