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Improvement of B/L-Instrucion

With Scope 8.4 the BL-Instruction form is improved. Text elements will be shown as PDF-text, this results in:

  • better readability of the form
  • reduced file size and consequent lower memory requirements

Unnecessary elements were deleted with the effect:

  • better readability is guaranteed
  • more space for content (six lines)

Additionally the preview is optimized, using less memory for faster data loading.

eAWB messaging

Previously, eAWBs (FWB) were sent without any document available in Scope confirming this event. With the latest version of Scope, the FWB to the airline "CargoIMP" is stored in the documents tab of the shipment.

Currently this option is not implemented on all servers and is not available to all users. With the rollout process, we will make sure, that all users will have access to this feature.

In the Shipment Overview two optional columns have been added: Shipment Number (Agent) and Shipment Number (Gateway). The column Shipment Number is also available, but cannot be used for sorting.



Note function with shipment transfer to other user / Advanced notification function in case of absence

Previously, shipments sent to a users inbox arrived without any comments. Now it is possible to add some comments when sending a shipment to another users inbox. This ensures important information can be included when transferring shipments to a new user.

Additionally credit limit notes, US-Customs notes and NL-Customs notes will be shown as a growl message and will be available in the users inbox.  This ensures they are still available to the user even after a long absence by user.

By ticking the  the selected shipment can be sent to a user.
By ticking Send to a new window appears.

In the new window, the user can add a note. By ticking send, the note is available in the recipients inbox.

If the user logs in, he receives the Growl-message and his inbox is marked with a exclamation mark.

By ticking the inbox, a window with all incoming messages will appear. Unread messages are marked in bold. Read messages will be deleted automatically after two weeks. The latest message is shown first.

By ticking the message, it will open and the user can read the note. By ticking the blue action link, the user can jump directly into the shipment.

↓ Note function with shipment transfer to other user / Advanced notification function in case of absence


User administration of airline products

Airline products were automatically provided, but not all were used by all customers. To ensure customers see only the airline products they use, the customer can now maintain their own airline product codes in the role "Airlines" in the partner appliance.

Enter Maintenance > partner > role "airline" the airline products can be added, deleted or edited.

↓ User administration of airline products

AWB print improvement

AWB printing in the shipment is enhanced. The printing options are selective and the copies can be configured. 

Under Air > Export shipments > shipment > action link "House-AWB / IATA AWB" > "print" tab, the AWB-print option is implemented.

In the AWB print options, the user can select the documents. Additionally it is possible to configure the "full PDF" so that the copy is user-defined. To configure the PDF press the actionlink "Configure AWB Copies..."

A new window appears. Desired pages can be selected. By pressing "OK" the PDF will print and it is available in the documents tab.

↓ AWB print improvement


Import ZIP-zones for ZIP-Schemas

Until now it was necessary to add ZIP-zones for ZIP-schemas manually. Now it is possible to import the ZIP-zones.

Under maintenance > finance > ZIP-zones the user can open the application

In the overview a new schema can be added or an existing schema can be edited. By pressing "New" or double click on the marked schema, the schema will open in a new window.

By pressing the "New" button, a new window appears to create a new ZIP-Zone.

In the window the user must enter the code (unique) and the description. By pressing the "new" button, the file can be selected.

A new window appears to select the file. The file must have the header "Country/ Code / Description", so that Scope can import it.

After successful import the ZIP-zone is available in the ZIP-Schema. A ZIP-Zone can not be used in more than one ZIP-Zone in one ZIP-Schema

The individual ZIP-Codes and the total all the ZIPs is shown in the Overview.

↓ Import ZIP-zones for ZIP-Schemas

Show net amounts by multiple selection

Under Finance > Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable the user can open the vouchers overview.

Previously, the Detailview displayed only the information for a single selected invoice. If the user marked more than one invoice, the detailview would be empty.
With Scope 8.4 multiple invoices can be selected, the Detailview will shown the number of selected invoices, the sum of local net amounts and the sum of local total amounts of all the selected invoices.


Improvement of shipment overview

Under Forwarding > Shipment Overview open the shipment overview.

The filter option was implemented with improved filter parameters. It is possible to create a filter or ad hoc queries with: Volume, gross weight and chargeable weight

↓ Improvement of shipment overview

New appliance "OB & Credit Limit Import"

The new appliance Finance > OB & Credit Limit Import  is implemented.

The import can be proceed as normal by pressing the "import" button or via interface. Additionally, all imported files are available in the documents tab.

Any errors during import can be seen in the overview.

To use the import option, the user needs a special permission.

↓ New appliance "OB & Credit Limit Import"

Enter Tax-ID without country limitation

The accounting tab of the partner appliance previously allowed only the Tax ID from the country where the partner is registered. 
Now it is possible to add Tax IDs from other countries to the partner.

Extension of the debtor profile

Complementing the creditor profile, the debtor profile has also been improved.

Under Maintenance > Partner > Role "Debtor" the Type can be adjusted.

  • Single debtor: The partner has their own accounting number
  • Master: The master has its own account number and appears as master for a child debtor
  • Child: The child debtor must reference to master debtor.

NL Customs

Automated sending of Portbase messages

In this release we have incorporated the sending of Portbase message in the corresponding Declaration.
Scope will create and send the Portbase message automatically after Customs released the corresponding Customs declaration. The integration is activated for NCTS and AGS declarations,

AGS Imports 

AGS Exports 



The conditions to activate the Portbase section are the following: 

  • The branch must be activated for Portbase.
  • The declaration should contain at least 1 container.
  • AGS Import: The goods location partner must contain the role "Portbase Participant".
  • AGS Export: The exit location partner must contain the role "Portbase Participant". 
  • NCTS for MID: The goods location partner must contain the role "Portbase Participant".
  • NCTS for MED: No additional location validation is required.
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