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Scope 8.0 will require Java 8. The current Java version can be download here.

The major changes in Scope 8.0 are initially invisible to the user, but are a noticeable improvement . An overhaul of Scope's basic software architecture drives it forward : faster, more efficient . Simply smarter .

In the partner appliance it is possible to select the new business type "Intercompany". This type is for Intra-/ Inter-company billing. For intra-company billing Scope can utilize different general ledgers.

As mentioned in the 7.6 features, it is possible to import Ocean Freight Rates using XLS files. It is possible to import FCL/LCL rates and LCL rates. The base for rates are weight/measure ( W / M ) = 1000,- kg. 



CPA available for seafreight export

Previously, this feature was only offered for airfreight export shipments . Now this is also available in seafreight export (groupage consignments). Profit Share ( profit-sharing or profit distribution ) between forwarding and receiving agent can be produced directly from Scope. This allows the exporting agent to reimburse the receiving agent either a portion of the profits, turnover or an agreed fixed amount .

Under Maintenace > Ocean > Sea Export CPA Templates a template for use in CPA is applied first.

In the overview all CPA templates are displayed. A new template can be created by clicking the "new" button.

A template can be created for a specific partner or as a default template.

Within "Charge Types" identify which charge types are used in CPA.

In the shipment under "invoices" tab the CPA can be calculated by ticking the "Consol Profit Analysis" button.

After successful calculation, a window appears with the detailed CPA analysis.

For more information, please refer to our manual .

↓ CPA available for seafreight export.mp4

Create Terms

It is possible in air import and air export shipments to define "Terms".

The user is able to choose between P (prepaid) and C (collect).

The selected terms will appear on the AWB.  The user can still adjust the Terms in the AWB editor.


Tariff Calculation According to Validity Period

In versions before 8.0 the validity period for a tariff was always based on the "economic date of a shipment". However, the proper way would be for freight tariffs to look at the departure date, since this is the date the carriers will use to determine the tariff.

In most modules the difference between the "economic date" and the "departure date" is relatively close and so not often an issue, however, for
Ocean freight imports where the freight is collect, this is not  the case.

Scope will evaluate usage of departure versus economic date by looking at the activity template used in the shipment. The charge types listed in the 
"main carriage" section of the activity type will use the  departure date whereas the rest of the charges will still use the economic date.



Accounts Payable Imports

Incoming invoices can now be imported into Scope.

To use this function, it is necessary to define a layout.

The layouts can be defined under maintenance > finance > AP import layouts

The overview shows all the AP-import layouts

In the "General" tab all data can be defined for the Scope XLS/CSV import. The date columns and additional parsing information can be defined as required.

In the "Costs" tab, the columns for the costs are defined. 

The files are imported in Finance > AP importsIn addition all invoices that have already been imported are displayed in the overview.

By clicking the Button "Import" a new window will appear. In the window, the file and the layout can be selected.

After successful import, the import results will displayed in a new window. 

↓ Accounts Payable Imports.mp4

New Report "Partner turnover"

Under forwarding > shipment overview the new report "Partner turnover" is available.

The partner turnover report can created by clicking the blue action-link.

A new window appears. In the window the partner and the layout can be selected. Also a checkbox is present. If this checkbox is activated, the report will exclude shipments without turnover.

The layout can be added under maintenance > layouts.

As usual, the new report is output to an Excel file .

In order to select the partner turnover report in the application , the user must have permission . When the user does not have the permission, the report does not appear in the overview.

↓ New Report "Partner turnover".mp4

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