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Important Notes for Release 7.6

The user interface has been redesigned from Scope.

Fewer colors and simpler elements need less computer capacity. For the mode of transport new icons have been designed. Some action links are now displayed as buttons. With the new interface Scope has become not only modern, but also faster. The known functionalities have not changed. Scope works like previously.


Evaluate and select agents

Under Maintenance > Partners, is it possible for partners to add a ranking for partners which have the role "Agent".

The rating is depending on the number of stars. Per partner it is possible to rate from 0 - 5 stars. Each partner, new or regular, gets one star to start with. The partner is only available as an agent for the defined locations in the shipment editor.

The Agent will be shown as he is ranked in the shipment and can be selected.

If an Agent have no stars, he can only be selected for import shipments. Export shipments are not available.


Format change in RA / KC registration number

For airfreight exports new regulations for RegB number and the KC-number are valid: the IDs were reduced in size on 01/02/2016.
With the new release-update both formats are valid in the KC and RegB/ TP partner role. Scope will show only a warning in case the entry is too long.

online verification of the validity of the EU database depends on the time: from 01/02/2016 onwards the search is possible only using a new, shortened format of the LBA.

It is possible to adjust the RegB number of all existing business partners automatically. Under  Settings -> Air -> Security Setup via Extras "RegB and Known Consignors IDs convert" the adjustment can be done (if you have permission to it).
The operation cannot be reversed and therefore must take place only on / after 01/02/2016. Alternatively, you can adjust the numbers in the roles of the business partners manually.


Capture contract number to draw K-rate

Under Airfreight > Export Shipment, it is possible for shipment type "Direct, Back to Back and Master" to add the K-Number (Contract number) from the supplier.

The number can be added into the field "Contract" under the "General" tab.

The captured contract number will be displayed in the AWB-Editor as CINO-No. Furthermore, Scope will not calculate with the Q rate, but with the K rate.

Under "Edit Body Text" the Contract-Number will be displayed with K and the captured contract number.

At the AWB print, the rate and the contract will be be displayed in the column "Rate Class / Commodity Item No.".

Faster access to AWB informations

Under Airfreight > Export shipment > Extras the new function "AWB info" was added. With this function is it possible to get information for a particular AWB. This option provides an easy search for an AWB and its usage in Scope.

AWB-No used for airline booking will now also be considered.

In the pop-up window the AWB-No can now be added with or without a dash. After input, press the button "Display" for the result to be displayed.

Scope will now show the important AWB information, shipment information and airline booking information.

Choose between central and local sailing schedule

To determine the voyage in a seafreight export shipment, a central or a local sailing schedule is available.

The central sailing schedule will be hosted on a WEB-Server (This services is not currently implemented). The local sailing schedule is stored on the local server.

1) In the central sailing schedule all voyages will be shown by the search criterias. The required voyage can be added by ticking the button „apply“ or by double clicking.


1b) In the local sailing schedule only voyages which have been previously selected from the central sailing schedule will appear. In order to get a voyage in the local sailing schedule, it must first be selected in the central sailing schedule.


The dates for the main carriage are not changeable. The fields are greyed out.

There is an option to delete the link. With right mouse click in field „Voyage,Vessel Rate“ a context menu appears. Click the point „Unlink from schedule“.


All fields are now re-writable.



Edit and sent rate sheets

It is possible to issue rate sheets for customers, to show rates for several trade lanes. This sheet can be sent by email.

Under Forwarding > Rate Sheet Templates, a rate sheet for a partner can be prepared.


In the rate sheet template, the master dates will be defined.


The specific dates for the rates will be entered under „Sheets“.


The special conditions will be entered under „conditions“

The rate sheet can send by email direct to the partner or to the user.


Before sending, it is necessary to add the validity interval for the rate sheet.


The rate sheet is available after sending in the tab "documents" and "e-mail".

Import Seafreight rates FCL / LCL instead of single data entry

Under Maintenance > Finance it is possible to upload Seafreight tariffs (FCL /LCL) via xls.file.

Via Import > Ocean Freight, the file can be selected for upload.

A window appears to select the data.

After upload the result will appear in the overview.

Double click on an imported tariff or click "Open" to get information about the status. If there are warnings for the imported files, they are displayed under Warnings.

The imported tariffs will be available in the tariff application.