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Important Notes for Release 7.4


Two new permissions were introduceed for the partner profile in Scope:

  1. Read only
    The user can only read the partner profile but can't change the partner profile
  2. Write and read
    The user can change anything in the partner profile.

Statistics renamed

The function Statistics has been renamed to the function Shipment overview.

Invoice by email

It is know possibile to sent the invocie direct via email. Also the automatic print function can be disabled and only copies will be printed out for the accounting department.


Optimized document tab for a better overview                

The document tap has been optimised to achieve a better overfew in the application.

The usual tasks like „save“, „delete“ or „change“ can be added by using the right mousclick and it will appear a separate window to select the commands. The document upload link is now on the top for a better usability.


Super-House-Shipment now available for import shipments

Under the function – Import shipment Sea and Air the shipment type super-house shipment is selectable. In the super-house shipment it is possible to combine single shipments and consolidated shipments.

Air Import

Sea Import

OAG flight schedule with own regions

Under the function – groups – regions there can be defined as a new OAG region. It can be selected in different combinations in a query. Airports from the same country as well airports from different countries can be integrated to the query. To be able to use the OAG flight plan the box "regions for airports" must be ticked.

By ticking „Add“ a window will open to search for a airport.

The OAG-flightplan can be directly started from the shipment or direct via maintenance – airfreight – OAG flightschedule. Additionally to the defined airports, the airports of the same city can be added. It is important to click the box „incl. Airports of the same city“.

Manually record exceptions in T&T

Under the function maintenance – forwarding – tracking template - there can be exceptions recorded which the user can fulfill manual in the shipment. Exceptions can be added manually by the user in the shipment tracking tab which is marked with a green "plus sign with a yellow flash" an will appear as a yellow flash in the tracking template.

In the shipment the exception can be added in the tab "tracking" by selecting the blue action link "register exception".

A dialog window will open and the user now can select the exception from a drop-down menu.

In the tracking template of the shipment, the exception will displayed with a red flash.


Shipment statistics with costs and income forecast

Under the function forwarding – Shipment overview there can be evaluated several statistics and the job status report. The evaluated statistics are in dependence, by means of the drop-down menu, of the selected shipment type.

In addition a forecast of the expected costs and the profit can be shown for the chosen shipment. Click the blue action link to start the calculation. In the appeared window chooses the cost category group(s) to get the amounts displayed.

Result for all cost centers without duties.

Separate printing of document copies

It is possible to print out copies on a different printer queue than the originals. The Riege support team will set up the printer queue.

Rate information – overview and manual adjustment

Under the function maintenance - finance - rates import - you can see when and from whom the data import was processed at last.

Through double click on rates, the rate information window will appear which shows you when and from whom the data import was processed at last.

If the validity of the current rates extends it is possible, by using the program function "change validity" to adjust this manual.

The validity can be placed new in the appeared window.