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Login Screen

The login screen has been changed, the name of the last user is now an action link where the functions,

  • Change User 
  • Language and Region

The button(s) holding the same functionality on the right button have been removed from the screen.



AEB ASSIST4 eInvoice Format

The list of e-invoice xml formats has been extended with and other format, this for called "ASSIST4" is the native xml layout for the software application offered by AEB

Maintenance of email texts

The layout of email subjects and texts for automated emails send out of Scope, which previously were maintained by Riege in form-layouts, are now available for maintenance within
Scope itself. The layouts can be maintained in the function "settings \ email settings \ templates". This function is available for "system administrators" and "customer support" users. 

Layouts can be defined for the following email actions. 

  • Invoice, the printing of the invoice
  • Cancellation, the printing of a invoice cancellation.
  • Collective invoice,  the printing of a collective invoice
  • Statements, the printing of a statement, overview of all open invoices
  • Dunning, the printing of a dunning, overview of overdue invoices
  • T&T Password expiration, email send as alert of  password expiration of track and trace user
  • T&T Password expired,   email send as notification of password expiration of track and trace user
  • T&T Account creation, email send to a new track and trace user, confirming the creation of an account. 

Each Layout can user variables, to include action specific details, these variables can be made visible by type "$"

In the next release (7.2.) the email layouts for shipment monitoring, and alerts will be added.


Cargo Office Integration

In this release, a integration between Cargo Office and Scope has been established. Through this integration it is possible to review the registered buying rates in Cargo Office
directly from an Air Export shipment, allowing the user an overview of possible carriers and corresponding cost.
For a selected rate it is possible to create a note on the shipment detailing the cost.
This integration is an paid add-on module. 


Contact persons for financial actions

The different positions where contact persons could be selected, have be consolidated to a single location being the contacts registration. 
Here it can be indicated by checking the appropriate box, whether the contact person, receives dunnings, statements and / or invoices. ?
The first contact listed as the invoice recipient will also be listed as the invoice receiver in the invoice entry itself.  

Important, the email address of a contact person indicated as invoice recipient, will also be used as the email receiver in case of automated invoice sending.



Air Import : New transport order type

A new type of transport order has been added to Air import shipments, type Back-2-Back, Direct and Masters, This type is the 
Terminal pickup order, Defaults based on retrieving freight from the Import Carrier handling agent to the forwarders own warehouse.

Export Shipments: Short-Cut for registration of Export Customs Exemption reason. 

The registration  of exceptions to the regular export procedure was cumbersome. Therefore, we have implemented a new shortcut: :"New Exemption"
Using this will allow the registration of a simple text reason for exemption of customs regulations

CargoSmart – Bookings, B/L instructions and event updates.

With the release of Scope 7.0, the possibilities to send SEA Carrier Edi message have been extended to also include Cargosmart, next to the existing links to INTTRA and GT-NEXUS.
OOCL, Cosco are some of the carriers that are connected to Cargosmart
Should you like to connect to Cargosmart, please contact your local Scope Support team via F12, for further details.

Portbase – Replace and Cancel message

As per this version Scope supports the possibility to send a portbase "Replace" (updating previous details) or
"Cancel" (retrieving notification) message for the MED (Melding Export documentatie) process.

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