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Drag & Drop from Scope to Desktop

In this release the much requested functionality to drag & drop documents from Scope to Desktop, Outlook or other applications has been available, Simple click on a document and drag it the the required destination


Stand-Alone Booking Overview

A new function has been created to allow a direct overview of all bookings created, regardless if they are Sea or Air, allowing you to have control over the outstanding bookings for which there have not yet been any shipments created.

Additionally it is possible to see all bookings, including those already processed to shipments. This function, located in forwarding \ bookings, also allows for the creation of new bookings. 

BUP - ULD Building function 

In this release of Scope full support for ULD registration and building has been added. 

1. Maintain ULD Types

In order to start using the ULD functionality they required ULD types need to be defined in Maintenance \ Forwarding \ Equipment.

2. ULD Registration to AE shipment entry

In the AE entry a new tab is available where the ULD can be registered and goods can be linked to the a specific ULD. 

4. Link ULD to AWB editor

In the AWB editor the ULD details will not be automatically placed but is available under the right mouse option in the boxes, accounting information and handling Information.

GT-NEXUS Interface (Bookings, Shipping instructions & status updates) 

Next to the already supported INTTRA business to business interface, Scope now also supports the interface to GT-NEXUS for the the following activities:

  • Request bookings
  • Send Shipping (B/L) instructions
  • Receive status updates (Events)

If you want to implement the GT-Nexus interface, please contact your local Scope Support team, for further information. 


Consolidated invoice lines

A new feature has been added to allow for consolidated printing of a group of invoice lines. For instance to invoice a customer 1 charge lines with a Freight All/in and still have the splitted details in accounting.

This consolidation can be done perform ad-hoc on an invoice or predefined on a Debitor Partner. 

Sales representative assignment 

In previous releases it was possible to assign a sales representative to a partner, with this release Scope introduces the possibility to automatically assign a sales representative on basis different variables. 

Sales persons can be created in the function  "Maintenance \ CRM \ Sales persons", and the allocations can be defined in "Maintenance \ CRM \ Sales persons allocations".

Available Criteria are:

  • Shipment type (import , export, air, sea) 
  • Specific routings (origin, destination)
  • Partners (shipper, consignee, customer)
  • Locations (Branch, Cost Center) 

Automated emailing of Invoices 

With this release it will be possible to automatically send a created invoice to the predefined email address with out any further intervention. 

Partner Setup

In the role debtor it is now possible to indicate that the invoice should be sent directly via email and list the sending email address.

Printing of Invoice

In the invoice entry the invoice is printed as normal but an email will be created directly sending the invoice to the defined email addresses, Since the email process is automated,
also created invoice cancellations will be email directly. The Email body text has is configurable by layout, should you wish your own text, please contact your local Scope Support team
via F12 with the required text, per language. A the following set of variables is present in for the email layout.

  • Invoice Print Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Name of the user printing the invoice
  • Phone of the user printing the invoice
  • Fax of the user printing the invoice
  • Email of the user printing the invoice 
  • Payment Terms Code
  • Payment Terms Text
  • Invoice Due Date
  • Shipment economic Date
  • Invoice currency Code
  • Shipment references
  • Invoice Amounts

Read-Only Shipment Overview

New functionality has been added to allow certain user access and view shipments without have the option to modify/change the shipment. This feature would be useful for giving access to accountants or other auditing staff.

The feature runs from the either the function "Job Costing status" or "Statistics"  and allow the user the open a special Dialog displaying the shipment information.

By default the read-only view displays shipment information and documents, the job costing and email tab can be added by additional permissions.

Please note that these type of users will not be able to email or add documents from the shipment. 

Customs Netherlands

DTV Webservice

As per recent publication by NL Customs the new DTV (Douane Tarief Voorzieningen) website and system-to-system solution has been released per 1-9-2014.

In this release of the Scope the system-to-system solution has been made available, allowing you to validate or pre-calculate a declaration (item) of Article before doing the actual declaration.

The details to be entered for a DTV request are similar to the AGS declaration itself. 

The DTV service can be used stand-alone of from with in a AGS declaration, in the later case the details of the declaration will be defaulted to the DTV request.

DTV Request for Calculation




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