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Scope dashboards

Although this feature has already been introduced with Scope Release 10.0 Scope, we have now added a few more features to the Scope Dashboards, so we now see its development as complete.

The dashboards are a series of charts and graphs that are used to prepare financial and operational data to provide management with state of the art information and a general overview.

While the Scope Dashboards feature is now considered complete, we will of course continue to make improvements, bug fixes, embellishments etc.

Scope users who want to use this feature need a dedicated permission , Scope Dashboards can  not be viewed without permission!

Scope dashboards can be reached via a URL using any standard web browser, and users with the appropriate authorization can then easily log in using their scope logins.

Here are some sample views of some dashboards:

Forwarding area

The cursor can be used to display the underlying data:

Finance area

Again, the respective data is visible; depending on where the cursor is located, the data behind it is displayed:


Rates can be recorded per day of the week basis 

Scope can now use tariffs for Airfreight Export rates, that are valid on specific days of the week.

Sea freight

Certificate of origin for sea freight export consignments 

Scope can now generate a document "Certificate of Origin" for all types of sea freight export consignments (except for bulk consignments) via the menu item 'Print'.

Dedicated field for entering VGM

The verified gross mass (VGM) of a shipment can now be entered in a dedicated field.

The VGM Details will be opened via a context menu and entered there.

Context menu:

VGM Details:

Improved Sea Export Booking Confirmation

The booking confirmation process for a sea export now shows a comprehensive preview of all the dates required for a booking confirmation in chronological order with the ability to adjust these.  It also presents an overview of the containers on the booking confirmation with the ability to select individual containers for a confirmation and a view of dates specific to the selected container. 

Rounding up to the next full weight unit 

Some US customers asked to be able to round up to the next full weight unit

(lb. or kg) without decimal places displayed.

This is now possible by right-clicking the weight field.

Both metric and imperial weights can be rounded in this way. 

Latest delivery date 

There is now a dedicated field 'Latest delivery date' in seafreight shipments 

Role 'Road Carrier': Driver Master Data Management Extended 

It is now possible to manage the master data of drivers for a haulage company. In addition to basic information such as name or phone number, it is possible to now store:

  • Date of birth
  • Type of identity document
  • card number
  • Expiration date of identification document

Shipment Monitor considers all milestones 

In the shipment monitor, only the status of the next milestone has been displayed. However, the monitor did not take into account other milestones that should be dealt with more urgently.

Therefore the status icon now includes ALL milestones and the status of the earliest next milestone.

In addition, there are 2 new columns that can be added in the overview: "Earliest Next" and "Earliest Next Plan Time", both of which also exist as a filter function.

Include country of origin with goods

When entering goods details in shipments, the country of origin can also be included

Automatically add ports to an Agent

In the "Agent" role, Scope will now automatically add the port that is closest to the UNLOCODE city of the agent. 

Notes can now be applied to Notify Parties

Previously only available for shippers and consignees, Notify Parties can now have their own notes. 

"Last Free Day" in the warehouse tab

Sea import shipments have a new "Last Free Day" field in the warehouse tab. 


Export Agents ISF details transferred to the Import Agent

When an Export Agent creates an ISF for a sea export shipment to the USA, the import Agent will receive the ISF details in the prealert from the export agent. 

NL Customs 

AGS reference number defaulting. 

With an additional option on the NL customs license holder it will be possible to choose the preferred Shipment reference defaulting,
when creating an AGS  declaration from a shipment. 

The settings has two options: 

First : Shipment References, being Shipper reference for AGS, Exports, Consignee Reference for imports, house document number when preceding is empty
Second : Shipment number itself. 
Third : n/a , no defaulting will take place and user can enter required reference manually. 

Please note that the shipment reference field is the reference number submitted to customers and reported backing in the monthly duties overview. 


Monitor Pending Documents

In certain situations AGS declarations, for which the presentation of documents is still required, although the status of the declaration itself has changed. 

Sample use cases : 

  • AGS Imports, Goods might already have been released (DMSROG) but presentation of documents is still pending.
  • AGS Exports, Declaration might have the status "Confirmation of Exit" after a release of goods but presentation of documents is stil pending. 

To monitor this a new status column has been added to the AGS Homeview. called DMSCOC, this column will show a  (warning) when a DMSDOC has been received. 
It will remain in this state until the menu option Confirm DMSDOC has been used for the selected declaration the status will then change to (tick) 
Additionally there is also a checkbox for filtering all declarations with pending documents requests. 

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