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UN- Codelists for dangerous goods now from third party provider DG Office (POGO-42012)

The UN- Codelists for dangerous goods and the corresponding additional information are being called upon in the background by employing the webservice of a third party provider.

This ensures that the Codelists and their corresponding additional information will always be up to date.


CFDI 3.3: Add transit charge lines to addenda element after sealing (POGO-51931)

Charge lines with transit charge types are not included in the CFDI XML from the beginning, but will later be added to the addenda part after the sealing process.

Use SAT Code from Mexican Invoicing Profile charge type for CFDI 3.3 (POGO-48415)

For the CFDI 3.3 generation, Scope will now use the SAT code maintained in the Mexican invoice profile of the charge type.

Activity Types: Defaulting handling cost partner for sea freight shipments (POGO-31243)

In the activity type for seafreight modules the default cost partner for the activity Import Handling (imports) / Export Handling (exports) has been added. This means that on any cost charge type defined in the handling line the default cost partner will be the the arrival (imports) / booking (exports) agent partner of the shipment.

Air Freight

AWB time stamp now reflects actual time of printout (POGO-44073)

Up to now the time stamp on the AWB printout did not reflect the actual time of printing but rather the time of the AWB creation. So if a user had prepared an AWB but printed it not until i.e. two days later, hte time stamp was actually wrong and hence contradicted the LBA's (Luftfahrtbundesamt) regulations, which require the actual time of the printout.

From now on all of the fields in the corresponding section of the AWB editor ('Tariffing' tab) will by default be read-only:

  • Signature Shipper
  • Date, Airport
  • Execution place
  • Signature Iss. Agent

These fields are locked for any user and cannot be changed - except if a user has been given a permission in Scope to be enabled to do so.

Users with this permission will then be able to edit all of theses fields.

If the user has been granted the right is plain to see. With the permission a small lock symbol will be shown on the right hand side:

In order to be able to edit the fields the user has to click on it to 'unlock' it.

(Warnung) Changes made in the fields 'Signature Shipper' and 'Date' will only remain until the lock is 'locked' again. By locking it the original values will be recalled. (Warnung)

For users without proper permission to edit the AWB signature the fields will be shown without the lock symbol:

LBA- Registration ID: Validity check only for German Partners (POGO-49920)

For non-DE users/ Partners, the LBA Registration ID is left empty in the role 'Regulated Agent'. From now on, there will only be an entry in the 'Last Check' line below the field for this Registration ID, if the user/ Partner is German, because the LBA Registration ID is only required for Germany.

AWB Numbers reusable (POGO-48631)

Some air carriers reset their MAWB counters after a few years. From now on AWB numbers older than one year can be reused for new shipments.

E-mail Pre-Alerts use E-mail templates instead of forms (POGO-34270)

When sending E-mail Pre-alerts, the 'Finish' dialog in airfreight export (all shipments) now uses E-mail templates to generate E-Mails rather than creating subject and text body via Jasper Reports.

The templates are located on Legal Entity level in Scope hence they will be valid for all branches included in the LE.

These templates can be edited by the customer to meet his requirements (provided the corresponding Scope permissions are set).

E-mail templates used are:

  • 'Air Export: Shipment Pre-Alert'
  • 'Air Export: Master Shipment Pre-Alert'

Sea Freight

DAKOSY HDS: booking no. from shipment will be defaulted (HDS entry) (POGO-50065)

The booking number from sea export shipments will be defaulted into the Dakosy HDS in case of LCL shipments and for shipments holding dangerous goods.


Document visibility adjustable for web tracking (POGO-36789)

While it was already possible to manually load up documents in the 'Documents' tab in Scope 'Forwarding Orders' and 'Consignments', users can now set the visibility for the web tracking of such documents.

Loading Metres: Validate mismatches and action to Update from Dimensions (POGO-49161)

Users could accidentally create transport orders for which the loading metres ("Lademeter") property was out of sync with the dimensions, e.g. by editing the dimensions on the shipment after transport order creation.

Now there is a re-calculation function (available via F5) which works every time changes are made in the shipment (e.g. by editing the dimensions on the shipment after transport order creation).

Forwarding bookings: option to foward EDI booking to another branch (POGO-49621)

When an EDI-booking was received in a branch via forwarding booking, there was no option to send the data to another branch so they could create the shipment there. Now a new option, 'Forward Booking', has been added to the Sea & Air Booking Editor under the 'Extras' Menu.

The option is enabled if

  • the Booking is not linked or converted to a shipment
  • no transport order is on the booking
  • (regards Air freight) no Airline Booking is registered and no HAWB number is assigned

Documents which have already been stored in the booking will be transmitted to the receiving branch as well.

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