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Enable Calendar view for Shipment Home views (POGO-101573)

In order to see directly which shipments are scheduled per day, the users can switch to a calendar view in the Shipment Home views.

New role "Air Export Prealert Recipient"  (POGO-102367)

A new role 'air export prealert recipient' can now be assigned to a partner's contact.

Different documents of the same document type available for pre-alert in the finish dialogue.  (POGO-102537)

Scope has been optimised so that for two different documents of the same document type, both are available for pre-alert in the finish dialogue.


Ocean Import Consol - Selection of unassigned houses has been improved

Sea Import Consol - Selection of Houses (Add House... ) has been improved:

  • better performance
  • enhanced window
  • more search criteria

Simple Shipment

Mexican Complemento Carta Porte (is also available in all Transportorders from Air/Ocean Ex-&Import)

The requirement of the Mexican tax authority SAT implementing the "Complemeno Carta Porte"-system to prove ownership, and destination of the goods, was met with this new feature. If required (only available in MX branches), you can transmit the necessary data from the transport Order to the authorities for each Road Simple Shipment. The Carta Porte can be found under the dropdown arrow next to the current CMR field:

If there are no more red validations, you can send the data:

Searching on Nature of Goods now possible

Search for goods description by extra criterias in homeview is possible now (air/sea export/import + simpleshipment).

Optional column for goods description

added nature of goods as optional row to air/sea export/import shipment overviews and to simple shipment overview; sorting enabled.
Fixed sorting of column vessel in sea import appliance.

New Shipper won't change the customer anymore.

Simple Shipment Editor now checks - when changing Incoterm / Shipper / Consignee / Conveyancetype - whether the originally set orderer (customer) equals the current orderer (customer). If yes, the value for the orderer (customer) will be recalculated and set accordingly.



NL Customs - PD and VWA

Send Attachments in NVWA Client PD en VWA declarations

Per 1-March-2022 is it possible to include Attachments to Client PD and VWA declarations, this is to provide the NVWA with a digital copy of the Phytosanitary or Health Certificate, 
which under EU Law the NVWA should store for a period of 5 years. 

Methode in Scope, 

In het aangiftescherm, op postniveau, waar je het N851 - fytosanitair certificaat (PD) of het 636 gezondheidscertificaat(VWA) invoert, zijn extra opties toegevoegd om een PDF document aan het bescheid te koppelen. Zie de schermafdrukken hieronder.

In the declarations screen , on item level , where the N851- Phytosanitary Certificate or C636 Health Certificate, is registered an additional option has been added to link PDF document to the certificate. 
as per below screenshots

With the action "Add or change attachment PDF" you can link a PDF to the document. The next screen shows an overview of the documents already linked to the shipment / declaration
(from the Documents tab). You can select from there or upload a new document in Scope via the "Upload PDF" option and immediately link it to the document as an attachment.
The name of the attachment is not relevant, because Scope will overwrite it with the number of the registered certificate.
You will be able to see every attachment that you upload via this option in the Documents tab of the declaration.

In addition, there is an extra tab "Attachments" in the declaration. In it you see an overview of the appendices/certificates that are linked to the declaration and which Scope will send along with the declaration.

If you submit the PD/VWA declaration, Scope will include these attachments
the NVWA request that the following characters  \ /:*?"<>| are replaced by a _ (underscore)

Please that for the near future it is still required the send the original certificates to the inspection location for verification. 

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