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  • In all shipment modules a milestone preview of the highlighted shipment has been added
  • all tracking related columns are now available in the homeviews of the shipment modules
  • all tracking related filters are now available in the homeviews of the shipment modules

Shipment Monitor

The shipment monitor has been generally overhauled

Milestone applicability (POGO-100511)

It was often required to create additional templates just because one or the other milestone only applied for certain shipment criteria i.e. AMS filing for shipments to the US.

Now, instead of duplicating each and every template to a US template, one can add applicability criteria to milestones.

Shipment related columns (POGO-100505)

More shipment related columns have been added to table and the preview in the shipment monitor (all optional)

  • ETD
  • ETA
  • ATD
  • ATA
  • ST (stands for 'Shipment Type')
  • Supplier (short for 'Main transport supplier (carrier)')
  • Module (short for 'Shipment module')

 Trackingplan preview in Shipment Tracking Monitor (POGO-101168)

There is a tracking plan preview in the highlighted shipment's preview of the shipment tracking monitor.

New system filter (POGO-100481)

You can choose a predefined filter ('My tasks for today') for shipments where you are the clerk and with today's date and earlier (max. 365 days before today's date).


Quotations module

When copying a quotation the module can be changed

When copying a quotation the user may choose a different module than the one the quotation was originally created for.

When choosing the same module (here: "Airfreight Export"), the user can choose to copy Goods Information, Calculations and/or Layout.

When choosing a different module (e.g. "Oceanfreight Export"), only Goods Information can be copied. The address details will be copied anyway.

Additional columns and filter criteria for main carriage carrier available

It is now possible to show Carrier and Supplier in the quotations homeview and apply filters on these:

It is furthermore possible to filter on the "Selected Main Carriage Carrier" and the "Selected Main Carriage Supplier". This is particularly useful for quotations with multiple options to see which supplier/carrier was used in the end.

Internal notes are now available for cost- and income entries

Notes can now be added to each cost and each income entry. Notes on income entries are available for the quotation printout.

Change-over of tariffs and activity-types

With Scope 22.0 all existing tariffs and activity-types still using the property "Customer's Tariff to" have been deleted. The change-over to "Shipper" and "Consignee" is now complete.

Mexico: SAT-Cancellation

The Mexican cancellation-process now incorporates the communication with SAT


Oceanfreight Export: Clear House B/L Number

For Seafreight Export Type Single / Single FCL "change House B/L Number" renamed to "change/remove House B/L Number" due to new function.

Users, who could use this function till now, are now able to remove the HBL Number within the same dialog (delete or overwrite with blanks). Saving the shipment won’t generate a new HBL Number (was the case up until now). It is still possible to enter a new HBL Number or generate it automatically (via another action in the Extras Menu). If needed, a new HBL Number will still be generated, even if it got deleted earlier or didn’t exist, when opening the B/L Editor.

Oceanfreight Import: Container Movements get updated, even without Terminal Addresses

Container Movements get updated from Carrier Events, even if the affiliated Terminal Addresses aren’t set.

Oceanfreight Import: Buyers Consol

New Feature to handle Buyers Consol Sendungen: Import Superhouse FCL

Editor is identical to the Single FCL Editor. Additionally the Superhouse FCL has a “Consolidation Tab”, to consolidate Import House LCL shipments.

Oceanfreight: Global Vesselschedule – International Sailinglist

Ocean Carrier EDI User now have access to global ship connection FOR FREE! 

Sailinglist is available in In- and Export via Drop Down Arrow in the "Journey" Field. A new option “Global” is available, where worldwide ship connections of common carriers are displayed. There are multiple filteroptions and a keywordsearch. Doubleclicking the desired connection will adopt the specific ship, with all its data, to the shipment.

Import Master (Sea & Air) allow you to print all avise for all Houses in a single step.

Notice of arrival, from all House shipments, can now be printed in the master shipment in a single step.

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