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Filter by Milestone in Shipment and Transportorder Overview

The filter criteria on completed/existing/incompleted milestones previously only available in the Shipment Monitor has been added to both Shipment Overview and Transportorder Overview for better usability.

Shipment Overview

The example shows Air Export Shipments with Financial status open that are "Departed" (Milestone "DEP" is complete). Assuming that departed Export shipments are billable this delivers a list of shipments that need to be billed.

TransportOrder Overview

The example shows transport orders of type Pickup Order that have not yet taken place (Milestone PU is incomplete).


"Delivery to customer" added to the Container Movements

The field "Delivery to customer" has been added to the Container Movements and can be filled manually or automatically through Traking-Events. The detailled Container Report has also been expanded accordingly.

Update from these events are possible:

  • INTTRA_S(ShippingPortal.INTTRA, "S", "Spotted at consignee's location"),
    INTTRA_X1(ShippingPortal.INTTRA, "X1", "Arrived at delivery location"),
    INTTRA_X2(ShippingPortal.INTTRA, "X2", "Estimated time of arrival at consignee location"),
  • GTNEXUS_S(ShippingPortal.GTNEXUS, "S", "Spotted at Consignee's Location"),
    GTNEXUS_X1(ShippingPortal.GTNEXUS, "X1", "Container Delivery"),
    GTNEXUS_X2(ShippingPortal.GTNEXUS, "X2", "Estimated Time of Arrival at Consignee Location"),
  • CARGOSMART_D(ShippingPortal.CARGOSMART, "D", "Actual Door Delivery"),
    CARGOSMART_L3(ShippingPortal.CARGOSMART, "L3", "Door Delivery Appointment")
  • OCEANINSIGHTS_CDC(ShippingPortal.OCEANINSIGHTS, "CDC", "Container delivery to consignee"),

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