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Login: Improvement in password requirements (POGO-81663)

The requirements for a valid password have been improved. When changing the user's password, Scope will refuse to accept passwords that are less than eight characters in length.

Finance and Accounting

Accounts payable: Incoming intercompany invoice creation - data + invoice PDF printout (POGO-80380)

When an accounts receivable is created for an intercompany partner (internal branch), the invoice data can be transmitted to accounts payables of the receiving branch. However, the printout of the accounts receivable (the invoice PDF file) was not immediately available and therefore needed to be sent separately by the billing partner. This automated PDF-transmission has been implemented now. This also eases up the process of assigning the correct order on the receiving side as the PDF can be checked for relevant details:

In tab "Documents" of the automated created accounts payable you can find the corresponding invoice (PDF-file). The document is recognized as "Accounts payable"-document when the option "Document "Accounts payable" is required when finishing invoice" is active. To easily distinguish these documents from the ones that are uploaded by the user on the receiving side, the description "Internal Accounts Payable" is used:

Quotations: New fields "Transit time" and "Description" per quotation option (POGO-78206)

In tab "Calculation" of Quotations you have two new fields "Transit time" and "Description, which can be maintained for each option and also be printed on the quotation:

The new fields are a good opportunity for you describing the specialty of this quotations option to your prospect. As in all text fields you might also use text blocks for creation. Please contact our Scope Helpdesk via F12 function in Scope, if you like those fields to be printed and added to your customer specific quotation layout.


Air Export Label: "Print PDF" Option (POGO-80325)

The manual flag to generate a label as PDF has been removed:

When printing a label, the system will automatically create the PDF-file additionally to the textfile. The PDF-file will be added to tab "Documents". Via Printing options you can decide as usual, whether you want a physical printout of the PDF or just the file creation for your document history.

Tracking: New option to track multileg main transports

When the main transport of a shipment consists of multiple legs, the completion of milestones in tracking could only be executed once. Now it has been enhanced accordingly in tracking templates as well as in tab "Tracking". so that you see the milestones for each leg of the main transport individually in tracking as well as in tab "Events".

In the first step you need to enhance your current tracking templates and group the corresponding milestones, which might be used for multilegs in the main transport:

Via "+" you can add a new group and drag/drop the corresponding milestones to the new group. It is important, that in tab "Actions" you create the type "Synchronize" and repeat every leg with it.

Additionally, you need to adjust "Location" and "Order property" for the planned time accordingly:


In this shipment example the main transport consists of a stop-by in Munich:

As there are two legs (FRA → MUC, MUC → LAX) Scope will automatically multiply the corresponding milestones "DEP" and "ARR" with their corresponding locations and planned times:

Each milestone can be completed individually and therefore you can directly identify the status and location of the shipment in Scope as well as in our tracking tool "Scope Connect".

In case you need help adjusting existing Order Tracking templates please contact the Scope helpdesk by raising a support ticket (F12).

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