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JIRA is a ticket- und project monitoring software from Atlassian, which is used for customer support, bug monitoring and development of new projects for Scope.

For each of our Scope customers, we create a separate project in JIRA which can only be accessed by this specific customer's users and the Riege support team. Each user in JIRA can directly track the process of requests and communicate with the Riege support team.

The following short documentation will give a short overview of the features in JIRA.


When a Scope user generates a support request via F12, an issue in the according project in JIRA will be created automatically. Each request is registered with a unique ticket number. The Riege support team then handles each request via the JIRA web-interface. If the customer decides to use JIRA as well, designated Scope users may get access to the JIRA system.

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