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Text blocks are standard blocks of text that are used regularly and need to be stored within the application so that they can readily be called up when needed. This application is for the creation and maintenance of text blocks. Text blocks are defined entirely by the customer. They can be called up in other applications when in text fields, these text fields can be right clicked followed by the selection of "select text blocks" from the context menu. It is then possible to search for and select the appropriate text block and paste it into the current application.



The following functions are available.


To create and store a new text block.


Open the text block highlighted in the overview and revise it if necessary.


Delete the text block highlighted in the overview.


Update the index to ensure the latest text blocks are present.

Type to search

This is a full text search field. A part of a text block or code may be entered in order to find that text block in the list.


The New and Edit functions launch the text block editor.


A unique alpha-numeric code that represents the text block.


A short description of the code and perhaps it's use.


The text of the text block. This may be one or multiple lines.


Saves the text block details and returns to the overview.


Cancels the action without saving any changes.