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Please contact your Scope Support in order to confirm the technical requirements for the usage of scope.



  • Hardware:
    • 768 MB free system RAM
    • 1 GB free storage space
  • Monitor: Optimal screen resolution 1280 x 1024


  • All printers connected to Scope must either be connected to a print server or equipped with an Ethernet port (internal print server).
  • Scope supports dotmatrix printers, PCL and PostScript laser printers and selected label printers.


Which one of the following options is suitable depends on the number of workstations, the amount of business transactions, the pre-existing infrastructure, the demands on quality and reliability of the connection as well as your internal IT guidelines.

Therefore a general recommendation cannot be made, Riege Software International is happy to provide individual advice to each customer.

Option 1 - IPSec-VPN-Tunnel via Internet

Minimum requirements on the customer side:

  • synchronous broadband Internet access with at least 2MBit/s, static IP address and without 24h disconnect.
  • Router with firewall and IPSec-VPN feature (Astaro Security Gateway preferred).

Both tunnel endpoints may be provided by the customer.

Firewall Rules on VPN usage on customer side

  • Outbound:
    • HTTP protocol standard port 80
  • Inbound:
    • Printer access from Scope server depending on used printing protocol:
      • Jetdirect protocol standard port 9100.
      • LPD protocol standard port 515.
      • IPP protocol standard port 631.

NOTE: It might be required to implement NAT or change the customer's local subnet in order to setup the VPN.

Option 2 - Direct Network Connection

Direct network connection between the customer's branch offices and Riege Software International's data center installed by the customer or an assigned service provider.

Option 3 - Internet Access

Direct connection to the Scope application over Internet. The data is transferred encrypted using HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) between server and client. Attention should be paid to the fact that no direct printing is available. Documents must be downloaded and printed on the client computer. Please choose another option if direct printing is required.


An synchronous broadband Internet access with at least 2MBit/s is recommended for small environments.


In case of a proxy server usage, the proxy server must support WebSocket protocol (RFC 6455).