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Simple shipments are created for shipments that have limited transport information and for this reason simple shipments are the fastest method for recording shipment. Complete invoicing, jobcosting and some print options are provided for simple shipments. Typically simple shipments are created for shipments that are not handled by the local branch and occurred between remote parties.



The New option offers the choice of creating a new air, sea or road simple shipment as well as the option to create a new shipment from template:


Opens the shipment highlighted in the overview. Alternatively, double click the shipment to open it.


Updates the index to ensure the latest simple shipments are visible in the overview.

Date range From / To

The shipments displayed can be limited to a specific time period using these date fields

Type to search

This is a full text search field. Any detail of a shipment or set of shipments may be entered to restrict results to that keyword.

Advanced filter options

For advanced filter options, see

Simple Shipments (summary table)

The summary table displays all the shipments matching the search terms. Orders are shown in rows displaying the shipment type, customer, departure, destination, order date, economic date and cost centre.

Shipment Type

The symbols in the left most column represent the shipment types:


Shipment Type






Road Transport

On opening an order further functions are available as described in the following chapters: