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The shipment monitor is used to monitor the status of shipments. An overview of all shipments is shown with options to filter these.  This provides an immediate view of the status of each shipment in terms fulfillment of each milestone specified for the shipment. Any shipment can be opened showing its milestone performance in detail and the shipment itself can be opened if required. 

tracking plan

A tracking plan represents the planned and actual flow of a program in the form of a list of milestones with planned and actual times. The order of the milestones within a tracking plan is fixed and is on the tracking template defined, from such a plan for each mission was created. Milestones, which are in a tracking plan above, go Milestones, which are listed below, are normally required. A tracking plan is completed when all of its milestones are met.


A Milestone represents a point in the transport of a consignment. Each Milestone has a name, a place, a plan period and an associated tolerance window within which applies the fulfillment of the milestones as planned. A Milestone can either automatically (eg by an EDI message, an action in Scope) or manually be met (see below Manual handling ). If the fulfillment of a time Milestones outside the tolerance window, this is considered failed . Such failed Milestones it applies to analyisieren and judge.

Some milestones are automatically activated by Scope or disabled depending on which segment they are located. Does the tracking template as a Milestone  pickup before the pick-up segment, we of this, when the scope of the mission hidden  Port to Door is.


An  Exception (exception) represents an event in the forwarding of a consignment, which does not match the planned schedule. As a result, exceptions differ from Milestones. Exceptions are used to draw the attention of an agent on the air, which is likely to act. This must not be any current program "controls" continuously, but only those for which such exceptional situation is detected. Exceptions have two states:  open and  finished (treated). Solange has not yet responded to an exception, it is open in the state, then settled in the state.

Exceptions may occur either in a transport section, or in a concrete Milestone. Example: An event  FNA can normally the concrete Milestone  FWB be assigned as exception, at a  FSU DIS message Scope can not automatically detect where the shortfall has occurred (departure, transit airport, destination), therefore this exception can only badly a concrete Milestone assign. Instead, it is in the transport section  Main Carriage Air  situates (main run airfreight).


In the overview all open tracking plans are displayed. In the preview area is a brief summary of the selected program appears.

The following columns are visible in the overview:

column nameexplanationStandard visibility
broadcastUnique consignment IDvisible
tracking numberItem number in the current branchvisible
trackName of the Tracking template from which the plan is developedvisible
sectionSection, where the consignment is located just, eg. B. Pickup or Main Carriage Air. This column is hidden by default. You can activate it by right-clicking on the table heading.hidden
Last eventCode of last met Milestonesvisible
timeDate and time of the last milestone fulfillmentvisible
Last ChargeResponsible party for the past met Milestonehidden
Next MilestoneCode of the next to be fulfilled Milestonesvisible
timePlan date and time of the next to be fulfilled Milestonesvisible
Next ResponsibleResponsible party for the next to be met Milestonehidden
Next confirmationCode of the first to be confirmed Milestones. This column is hidden by default. You can activate it by right-clicking on the table heading.hidden

In broadcast monitor only selected status are identified, these are:


status Description

Tolerance window of the next open Milestones has begun, but not yet reached schedule time
Planned time of the next open Milestones is exceeded, but the time window allowed for completion is still open
The planned time and allowed time window for complete of the next open Milestone is exceeded, the shipment is out of plan

The status list allows tracking plans to be filtered by status. The following statuses are provided in Scope:


filter valuedescription
IncompleteAll tracking plans, which still have at least one open milestone, regardless of its status
DueThe allowed time window for the next milestone has started and so the milestone is due to be resolved, but it is still within the allowed time window and the exact planned time for completion is not yet reached
CriticalThe planned time for the next milestone is exceeded, but the time window for completion is still open, so the milestone can still be resolved in time
Out of PlanThe time window allowed for completion of the next milestone has been exceeded, hence the shipment is out of plan.
To be approvedMilestones are open that need manual approval to resolve them.
Failed ActionsTracking plans with failed milestones that have not yet been confirmed

The broadcast monitor also offers a search can be entered via the individual search criteria. Searches can be saved as a filter. The following criteria are currently supported:

departureAnnahmeort or departure HAWB
Departure (main run)Port of Departure
sectionSection, where the consignment according to tracking plan is currently
destinationDelivery, Final Destination, destination HAWB
Destination (main run)Port of Destination
recipient nameName of the addressee
Export Agent NameName of Export agents or the export branch
Import Agent NameName of the import agent or the import branch
cost CenterCost Center of the shipment (date of establishment)
Next Milestone (Code)Code of the first unfinished Milestones
Next Milestone (Schedule time)Schedule time of the first unfinished Milestones
Open exceptionsTracking plans have unhandled exceptions
clerkClerk of the program (current branch)
tracktracking template
mode of transportLuffracht, freight etc.
responsible partyWhich party is responsible for the next unfulfilled Milestone?
shipper nameName of the consignor.
Competent officeWhich branch is currently responsible for this mission?


Tip: Set up a filter for your shipments to, ie "clerk corresponds John Doe".

The selection list  Date / Time to display dates and times for the entire table can be switched. UTC contains all information in the UTC time zone (as Greenwich Mean Time), Milestone local time shows planned and actual hours each in the time zone of the Milestone-map and My local time converts all information in the time zone of the currently logged in user.

The program Action Update downloads the tracking plans again. About the program action opening can be opened for the selected entry in the list, either the tracking map (default behavior) or the corresponding broadcast. The program Action Print ... opens a dialog box in which a quality report can be created as a PDF document or an Excel workbook.

The Excel workbook is structured as follows:

  • A worksheet per track and version
  • An additional worksheet "Exceptions", which contains detailed information on all exceptions.

The worksheet per track and version contains one row per shipment. The column specifications are as follows (columns C, D, E, F and G are per Milestone repeated):

A (Shipment)Unique ID of the program
B (References)shipment numbers
C (Code)Code of Milestones
D (Planned Time)Schedule time of Milestones
E (Actual Time)Handle Time of Milestones
F (Responsible)Responsible party for Milestone
G (confirmation)If a Milestone was confirmed in this cell is the basic of confirmation
(question) exceptionstrue if the shipment has experienced an exception, otherwise false

The exceptions worksheet is structured as follows:

A (Track)Name and version of the track (the tracking template)
B (USI)Unique ID of the program
C (Date, Time)Time at which the exception occurred
D (Time Zone)Time zone of the date in which the exception occurred
E (Code)Short Name of Exception
F (Name)Expanded Name of Exception
G (Response Time)When was responding to the exception?
H (Response Time Zone)When was the exception responding (time zone)?
I (Response User)Which clerk has responded to the exception?
J (Response code)What was the response to the exception or what caused the exception?
K (Response Remarks)Free text detection in response to an exception

Datums- und Uhrzeitangaben in Excel-Arbeitsblättern

The dates and times in Excel Quality Report are always in Milestone or Exception local time. It is possible to automate the difference between planned and actual time of Milestones to calculate and evaluate, but the current format is not suitable for run-time analysis, since the information is not normalized to a time zone. A cell of the type "Date / Time" is not an exact time stamp unfortunately in Excel data model.


Tracking diagram editor

During transport an item passes through various stations. To track these stations, so-called tracking events are used. These events are the Riders Tracking listed individually. This allows a detailed Sendungsnachverfolgung.

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The broadcast monitor application, with the aid of  tracking templates are set so that users are notified when certain events occur or in case of deviations. Depending on how the administrator receives an email or a notification Scope (see screenshot) or the file is in the folder  Inbox moved the agent.    

There are two possible triggers for a notification:

  1. A Milestone was done.
  2. A Milestone was within a specified period (usually the schedule time window) is not done, so that the agent must take care of this case (alarm).
  3. A new exception has been registered.

Edit notifications

All notifications of milestones can be viewed from the context menu in the Milestone list. Notifications that have been set manually, can also be deleted.

TypeCompletion notification (hook), Alarm (Alarm)
actionWhat should happen when the notification is carried out?
receiverWho is the recipient of the notification? This column is not always filled.

Setting a new completion notification

In Type field Benachrichrigungsmethode (Email, Scope alert Move to Inbox folder) must be entered. In the fields of event code and description can also be adapted for the notification of the text.

Create a new alarm

The first line of the notification method (email, Scope alert Move to Inbox folder) must be entered. The second line is set when the alarm is to be triggered.


Email templates for notifications and alerts

When an email notification or alert is to be sent, it is critical that email templates for both these kinds of alerts have been created.

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