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Portbase offers a range of services to all active parties in the Seafreight logistics chain. In Scope the following services are being supported at the moment

The usage of these services will allow for a time efficient handling at the gates of the terminal, and will be deemed mandatory for terminals in the future (Q4-2014)

Future services being developed is : Lading Informatie 2.0 


The function Portbase can be found in Ocean \ Portbase, 

Action Bar


With the new option a new portbase message can be selected a choice between to the available services


With the MED service message a notification per customs document is reported to the terminal the to which booking and container it belongs


With the MID service message a notification per per terminal / container the customs document / regulation by which the container will be depart from the terminal


Opens a selected procedure


Deletes a procedure, if the selected procedure is in the proper state. 


Rebuilds the screen with the last updates.

Date range 

in the date range a filter for a certain period can be selected the review the created procedures in the selected period

In the search box a specific procedure can be searched for on basis of any of the available details.

Message Details

Per selected procedure some additional information or actions are availble from the homeview

Message reference

Each procedure will be assigned a unique number by which the procedure is registered. 

New Message 

New message allows the user to send a new message after a rejection has been received

Edit Message

Edit message allows the user to send a replacement message on a earlier send message. 




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