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The seafreight carrier maintenance application is used to add, edit and delete seafreight carriers. Currently seafreight carrier information is limited to the carrier name and SCAC code.



Th application displays a complete listing of existing carriers and their SCAC codes. This listing can be managed using the functions on the menu bar and the full search text field


The new menu option will present an editor with two text fields used to capture the new carriers details:

SCA Code

The 4 digit SCAC code of the carrier


The full name of the carrier


Saves the new carrier details


Exists the new carrier editor without saving any information.


Opens the carrier highlighted in the overview using the carrier editor. This enables the carrier details to be edited.


Deletes the carrier highlighted in the overview. A warning message appears prior to deletion requesting confirmation that the deletion should be completed.


Select delete to delete the carrier.

Carriers are not physically deleted, but simply removed from view


Select cancel to exit without deleting the carrier.


updates the overview of carriers to ensure the latest carrier details are present.

Seafreight Carrier

An overview window showing all carriers or carrier matching the keyword in the search field.

SCA code

The carriers SCA code


The carriers full name

Show removed.

When checked, this check-box will ensure that any deleted carriers are also displayed in the listing.

Type to search

A full search text field . Typing in the carrier code or keyword will restrict the list of visible carriers to those matching the search term.