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The tab "Roles" allows various attributed to be applied to a partner. These attributes are then used in other Scope applications to improve and automate the process of creating new shipments. An example of this would be to apply the role "Secure shipper" to a partner. On adding this role to the partner, the full secure shipper details can then be included with the partner such as their AEO certificate number and the date their secure status expires. When an air export is subsequently created using this partner, the Scope application uses this secure shipper information to check the party is still a secure shipper and mark the shipment as secure. This removes the need for the user to constantly check the secure status of shippers.

There are a variety of roles available and this chapter describes each in detail.
These other roles include partners such as a haulage contractor or special functions that are used in other applications. In this chapter, the individual roles are described in detail.



The overview screen shows a list of any roles currently applied to the partner. Clicking role in the role window will present a roles details area to the right where information specific to each role can be entered.


Opens a pop-up window that displays a list of available roles:


Adds the role selected from the list to the partner and closes the pop-up window.


Closes the pop-up window without further action.


Removes the selected role from the list of roles active for the partner.

When a role is removed from a partner, it is not physically deleted but simply marked as inactive. If the same role is selected again at a later date, the original settings for the role will be restored.


Saves any new role data and closes the editor.


Closes the editor without saving any changes.

  • The roles that a user may assign to a partner vary according to the permissions applied to the user. For example special permissions must be applied to a user in order for the user to add the role Secure Shipper to a partner. Not all users can see all roles.
  • A user without permission to apply a role cannot see any information relating to that role in the role tab even if it has been applied by another user.
  • A role may only be applied once.
Currently partners may be assigned the following roles: