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As part of an interface integration Scope is able to send events back which occur during the declaration process.These events are being triggered by a customs response message.

These message will alway be returned real-time directly after the event occured.

The format of the messages is the same like the already known "Scope Event" interface in Forwarding. Für customs purposes there are only additional codes, and some addition reference information.

Active and Configure in Scope

The return of the desired events can be defined in the Scope partner profile:

  • for Customs-DE in the role "ATLAS-Declarant"
  • for Customs-NL in the role "Netherlands Customs Partner"
  • for Customs-CH in the role "EZV Declarant.

In this screen you can choose, Which Events shall be returned to your system; assiging / de-assigning is done by selecting an event then click "Add", or "Remove" respesctively. Multi-seletion via CTRL-Click is possible.

The receiving system needs to be entered as receiver in the top field. It must be the same like the one which send in the interface messages; if not, Scope does not have a valid remote links to this system.

Available Events / Codes

Scope can return the following events. Boxes in YELLOW are the same in all customs procedures, and hence universally valid. BLUE events are by nature only available in dertain processes. Which processes is mentioned in the rightmost column.

CodeShort DescriptionRelates ToLong DescriptionOnly in
CDSCustoms Declaration SentDeclaration

A customs declaration has been sent to customs.

This signals that Scope will not accept updates or cancellations to the related shipment any longer.

CAPCustoms Declaration AcceptedAcceptanceThis event is sent when a customs declaration has been accepted by customs.
COKCustoms Declaration RegisteredRegistration

This event is sent when a customs declaration has been successfully  transmitted to customs and has thus gained a customs entry number.

This event can occur multiple times if the customs entry number changes.

CLDCustoms clearedReleaseThe declaration is cleared and OK.
CGLGuarantee loadedGuarantee loadMy guarantee has been charged after a release of a TransitTransit
CRRDeclaration Error MessageError

The declaration received a customs error message.

Usually means that it must be reset.

CPRExceptions during customs clearanceException

This event is sent if exceptions have occured during the clearance process. In particular rejections or document / goods inspections.

CTXTax Assessment receivedTax assessmentTax assessment has been issued initially.Import, incl, Bonded Warehouse
CRVTax Assessment reversedTax assessment

The tax assessment has been cancelled by customs. However, the declaration is not necessarily rejected.

This event may contain a new customs entry number.

CDRCustoms Duties Re-assessedTax assessmentNew / Corrected Tax assessment submitted (SRATAX)
CCECustoms ExaminationInspectionCustoms has ordered an examination of the goods
CCLCustoms Declaration CancelledCancellationThis event is sent when a customs declaration has been cancelled.
CTATransit Arrived
Export Shipment Arrived at Point Of Exit
PresentationAn NCTS declaration has received an Unload Permission after sending the Arrival Notification
An Export Shipment has received an Allowance for Exit after Presentation
Transirt, Export
CFNCustoms Procedure FinishedFinishingThis event is sent when a customs procedure has been completed.Transit, Export, SumA
CGLGuarantee released after finishingGuarantee loadMy guarantee has been cleared after a finishing of a TransitTransit

Information Content in the Event message

The following Reference Informationen is returned:

scopeCodeEvent code
descriptionEvent description
location/nameScope-Partner's Branchcode
customsReferenceNumberDeclaration reference number
customsRegistrationNumberDeclaration registration number
customsItemNumberNumber of the goods item line, if required
customsGRNGuarantee number (for Transit procedures)

In addition, further information is returned in the event, provided it is available:

shipmentNumberShipment Number
shipmentReferenceShipment Identification
houseDocumentNumberHouse-BL / HAWB
transportDocumentNumberNr. of the Transport Document
mutuallyAgreedAgreed Reference
invoiceNumbersinvoice number(s)

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