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The main menu bar always displays the quick search. This searches for data based on the text entered in the search field. The more specific the text entered, the more specific the results. In contrast to full-text search in the individual applications, the quick search covers all areas of the system. The results will therefore include items from all areas of the system such as shipments, addresses and documents.


By clicking on the appropriate icon in the main menu bar will open the Quick Search. As text is entered, matching results will begin to appear.

  • Using the search string "HA" will include shipments, orders and applications in the results.
  • The result for the search string "costs" will include all applications which have the term "cost" in the application name.

A search can also be conducted by combining several individual pieces of text.

  • The result of the search string "HAND" "FRA" for example, will be all shipments for the company Handels GmbH from / to FRA (Frankfurt).

By clicking on the desired search result that application or the corresponding document is opened.