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This section provides information about printing such as supported printer types, printer settings etc. More information about printing is also available in the Settings.

The label printers that we currently support must be:

  • Connected to the network and accessible through RAW or LPR / LPD print protocols.
  • Supporting one of the following protocols / languages:
    • ZPL (Zebra Programming Language)
    • EPL (Eltron Programming Language) (Also used for Zebra printers)
    • For Datamax printers: DPL (Datamax Programming Language)
  • Use 203 DPI 


Label Printers

The following label printers are currently supported by Scope:



ZPL (Zebra Programming Language)

Zebra LP2844 (not currently manufactured.)
Zebra GK 420d (used in practice)
ZT220 (used in practice) (203 DPI)

EPL (Eltron Programming Language)
        (Also used for Zebra printers)

older Zebra models

Fingerprint ab v. 8.7

e.g. Intermec PX4i


B-SX4T/B-SX5T from Toshiba

IPL (Intermec Printer Language)

e.g. Intermec

Datamax (Datamax Programming Language)

S4M-Datamax M-4208 (used in practice)

AWB printer

The printer must be set to the following settings:



CPI (Characters Per Inch)


LPI (Lines Per Inch)


Page Length

12 Inch

Auto Line Feed (LF)


Auto Carriage Return (CR)


It is highly recommended to store these settings in the printer's PROM so that when the printer is turned off and on again the settings are automatically restored.

CR/LF Settings

Scope creates text-based documents (such as the AWB) with only Linefeed (LF) characters at the end of line. Therefore the printer must be instructed to automatically add an additional Carriage Return (CR) character when the LF is encountered. This is what the Auto Carriage Return (CR) option above specifies.

Some printers use a different setting for this, this is called Line Mode. Here one can usually configure the behavior of the printer when an LF or CR character is received. Please set this to "LF = LF+CR".

Printing to local printers

When a printer is not maintained in the Scope system, but is directly attached to the local PC or the local PC can access the printer on a local network, it is still possible to print to such a device. To deal this this situation, it is possible to define a document as PDF only with no background image. When printed, these documents will generate only the Scope data (no background image) in pdf format. This pdf can then be opened with a PDF reader and printed directly from there to the desired printer.


In the printer queue (users, printers or branch pool) The printer needs to be defined as "PDF" .