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All firms or individuals with whom the organization has business dealings are referred to in Scope as a business partners, regardless of whether these partners are a consignors, consignees, suppliers, agents or carriers, etc.

New business partners enetered in Scope using thee Partner application and are then available for business transactions within other Scope applications. Every new partner is given a code that uniquely identifies them



Create a new business partner.


Open an existing business partner highlighted in the list of partners, or click a partner to open the partner in the partner editor application.


Deactivate the business partner highlighted in the list of partners. The partner will not be deleted, but set as "inactive" and removed from the field of view.


refresh the list of business partners to ensure the latest data is visible.


Export the list of business partners to a spread-sheet for external processing on the users PC.


From the drop down list select the role to use as a filter for the list of partners.

Show deactivated

Include partners who have been deactivated.

Type to search

Enter one or more keywords to use as search terms, these can be any element of a partner such as a postal code, or labels used when creating the partner or accounting information such as an account number.

Partner table

The partner maintenance home screen presents a list of partners in table format. Column headings are:

The address data can be sorted by column if the column title is clicked.

Detail Section

If a partner is highlighted in the overview, greater details about that partner will appear in the detail section of the lower part of the screen:

  • Full name
  • Complete address
  • general contact details
  • Tax ID
  • Debit account
  • Credit Limit
  • Open Balance (import)
  • Open Balance (invoices)
  • Open Balance (total)
  • Credit account
  • Imp.Rep. until
  • Exp.Rep. until
  • Agent Rating