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All invoices and credit notes for the house shipment are created, edited, posted or cancelled in this application. Using the system settings, documents can be pre-prepared automatically including costs and revenues. This can significantly simplify the billing process.


documents in the voucher overview screen may be in either of 2 states:

  • *New/Open documents
    These documents have not yet been printed and are therefore not complete. New documents may be created and edited and existing open documents may be edited. New documents may be saved but are not considered closed until they are printed.
  • Completed documents

Once printed, the status of a voucher is set from open to closed. On printing vouchers are given a valid document number (Invoice number) and the financial data they contain is transferred to the accounting department. Printed documents therefore cannot be modified, they can only be cancelled/credited and replacements created.

New /Open documents

the following functions and fields are available when a voucher has the open status.


the document will be saved but an invoice number is not assigned.


Close the document. If changes have been made, the system will ask if any changes are to be stored or ignored.


The action will print and complete the document, setting the status to completed. It is only possible to print a voucher if no red error/validation messages are present. If only yellow warnings are present, then the document may be printed.


this action is only possible if there are no red error/validation messages present. The preview will generate a pdf version of the document that has no document number. This provides a view of the current state of the document.

Delete Voucher

This action will completely remove the document. Only open documents may be deleted. Completed (printed) documents must be cancelled (see completed documents).

Title Bar

The following information and available actions are displayed on the title bar.

  • Document type
    By clicking this link a document may be reversed from invoice to credit and vice versa). On clicking the link a security prompt will appear to confirm the action and offer the additional option to "additionally negate charge line amounts". This option will invert the charge line amounts from positive to negative figures (and vice versa). The action is only available for new / open documents.
  • Voucher recipient
    Displays the voucher recipient's name.
  • Order
    The shipment to which this document is assigned. Clicking this link will open the shipment.
  • Taxability

Displays the tax status of the document.


The recipient of the document. By default the customer specified in the shipment will be used. The search box can be used to locate a different address for the recipient. The context menu or the corresponding function keyscan be used to further processes the recipient address.


Indicates the language being used on the document. Clicking the language button will produce a list of languages available on the system. By changing the language, the printed output of the document will change accordingly. The exception to this is the charge lines; Once the charge lines have been inserted in the document and the document has been saved, the language of the charge lines will not change if a new language is selected. To match the charge line language to the rest of the document, any existing charge lines must be deleted and re-inserted to reflect the correct language choice. It is also important to note that a translation to the desired language must exist in the Charge Types maintenance.

The default language is maintained in the master business partner data


Displays the currency of the invoice. A default currency can be stored for the customer using the master partner maintenance program . If no currency is stored then the local currency is used. The field offers a search function to locate alternative currencies for the document.
The currency shown here will determine the currency shown on the invoice for total amounts.

Exchange Rate

The rate at which local currency amounts are converted to foreign currency amounts and vice versa. The exchange rate will transfer from the master exchange rate data, but it may be changed manually. The exchange rate is always required since the entries in costs and revenues of job costing must always be shown in the local currency. If the local currency is used as the invoice currency then the exchange rate will show as 1.0000000 and cannot be modified.

Single Voucher

If selected, this check box indicates that upon completion/printing a single document number (invoice number) is to be issued and applied to the document. The document is then ready for the accounting department.


If selected, the single voucher is automatically unchecked. Upon completion/printing, no document number (Invoice number)is issued. The document is to be grouped with other documents that will become an aggregated invoice.


This action link will open a pop-up window where the payment method can be indicated. The payment method can be bank transfer, cash or check. A payment reference for the latter 2 options may be entered.

Tax ID

The tax identification number of the recipient of the document. This data will appear according to the master data. of the recipient.

Debit Account

The accounts receivable account number of the document recipient as stored in the partner's master data .

Cost Center

Every order is assigned to a cost center. If this changes in the course of document creation, it can be reloaded by clicking the reload cost center action link.

Status / Modified / Created

The status of the document is shown and the date that this status was set. In addition the date the document was last changed appears in the Modified field and the data the document was created appears in the Created field.


The subject of the document that is to be printed on the document.

Economic Date

The service date of the document used to determine the economic month of the document.


Additional information to be printed on the document. By clicking the References button, any shipment references such as shipper's references or P.O. numbers will automatically appear in the remarks field.


Displays charges to be billed to the recipient. At least 1 charge must be present if the document is to be printed. If tariffs and rates have been stored for the customer, then the charges window may be automatically filled with system calculated charges. These may be doubled clicked or opened with the edit function if further adjustments are required.


Creates a new line item.


Opens the highlighted item for further editing.


The highlighted item will be removed.


The selected item will be moved one position up in the list of charges.


The selected item will be moved one position down in the list of charges.


Estimate income that exist for the shipment can be seen and selected from a pop-up window. This action converts an estimate into a final charge.

Toggle View

Change the way the charge line information is displayed from 1 line entries to 2 line entries and vice versa. This action has no impact on the final printed document.

Convert to Invoice / Credit Note

Change the document type, if the entire document is to be converted.

Calculate tariffs

If tariffs have been created for the items in the charge lines, this action link will reprocess all charge lines again against all tariffs to show charges as per the current tariffs.

Charge Code Editor

Charge Type

The charge code and description of the service being billed. Charge codes can be located by entering the code or charge description or part thereof. Only charges defined in the master data are available.

Amount / Exchange rate

Amount and currency code for this line item.

The field value can also be adjusted using the drop-down menu which present the calculator option (or use the function keys F3) or the tariff re-calculation (function key F5) this will automatically recalculate any available tariffs.

Exchange Rate

Exchange rate for the item line. If the local currency has been used as actual currency, the exchange field is not modified because the exchange rate in this case is 1.0000000.


Depending nature of the consignment and the tax rates for the voucher recipient country, the appropriate tax rate is proposed.

Invoice Text

A full description of the line item. The description may be edited as desired and multiple line can be used. Right click to get the context menu which will offer access to Text blocks or press Ctrl + T to access this function.


Optional details about the charge which are not printed and not sent to accounting.

Completed Documents

The following functions are available for documents that are completed.


Closes the document and returns to the overview of vouchers.


Print the document which will now appear in the Documents tab.


Produces a pdf version of the document that can be checked for correctness prior to finalizing the voucher.


a cancellation of the voucher is generated (invoice or credit note). A replacement voucher is issued that may be re-edited.


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