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Organizational units may be any of the following:

  • A permanent branch office
  • A company
  • A group of companies
  • A country where a company has multiple branches (unit=country)

The management of the data in this application can have a significant impact on the overall system configuration. Access to this application is very limited and should be adjusted exclusively by the Riege Software International support team.




A list of existing organizations.

Legal Entities

The legal entities that exist within the Organization highlighted in the overview. Typically these are countries. Legal entities can be opened in the
Editor by double clicking them or using the "edit" icon. New legal entities can be created in the Editor by using the "Plus" icon.


The editor is used to maintain the individual offices of the national organizations. The following maintenance functions are also available:

  • Parameter (at country and branch level)
  • Printers (at branch level)