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The note application allows for the creation of notifications that will appear when using a business partner, during a shipment entry, when opening a program or when a particular bill of lading number appears. Depending on the priority ( notes ), or significance of these messages, they will automatically disappear after a few seconds or must be closed(sticky message). The purpose of notes is to keep the user aware of issues relevant to the users activity.


Clicking the icon will display notes and allow new notes to be created. When using the data to which a note has been applied, for example a shipment address or the creation of a document, then the appropriate note will be displayed as a popup. Notes with the priority "low" or "medium" appear only briefly and disappear automatically, these are termed "Growl" messages. The during the appearance of the note, the user is informed if the note is of low or medium priority, but there is no other behavioral difference between these levels of priority. Notes with "High" priority will be displayed on screen until the user closes them. These are termed "sticky messages".

If a note already exists then the icon changes slightly to .


New Note

In order to create a new note the option "New Note" must be selected.

This produces the following fields:

Priority (low / medium / high)

Changing the priority of the message sets the note as a "growl" or a "sticky" message.

Expiration date

The date on which the note will expire.

Relevant Contexts

OtherNote is displayed if it is realted to UNLocodes
EmptyIf no selection is done, note is displayed everywhere
Forwarding_SeaNote is displayed if it is an oceanfreight shipment, no matter if import or export
Forwarding_ImportNote is displayed if shipment type is "Import"
Forwarding_ExportNote is displayed if shipment type is "Export"
Forwarding_AirNote is displayed if it is an airfreight shipment, no matter if import or export
ForwardingNote is displayed in Forwarding shipments (Air, Ocean, Shipment light)
FinanceNote is displayed if a financial service (e.g. incoming or outgoing invoice, dunning, ...) is created for the partner
CustomsNote is displayed if the partner is used in a customs order
CRMNote is displayed if the partner is used in a quotation


The text that is displayed when the note appears.

A maximum of 1024 characters may be stored in notes.  An error will appear if this is exceeded and will remain until the total characters are within the allowed limit.