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For terminals, sheds, which might be the goods location used in any of the Customs Netherlands modules, should have their Netherlands Customs details recorded using this role. The Customs Netherlands will then automatically use these details for the selected partner

NL Customs



The specifics for the customs bonded warehouse applicable for customs declarations, Sagitta Import / Export (box 49), the registered details consist of




The type of customs bonded warehouse


The license number of the customs bonded warehouse, The number entered must be a valid number
as AGS will reject incorrect numbers. (in case the requested previous regulation = 71, 78)

Entrepot Country

Country code of the issuing country of the warehouse licence

Cargonaut Member CodeThe Member code as assigned to this partner by Cargonaut, the Member code is validated as mandatory
is case either DGVS participant, Airline handling location or both are set to Active 
AGS Preceding Regulation codeThe preceding regulation code for AGS import declaration, stored at this goods location code list  A35

DGVS participant

Set to active if the Goods location is a member of DGVS, and the organisation itself also participates in DGVS

Own Entrepot

Set to active if the Goods location falls under the administration of the local branch

Airline Handling Locations

Set to Active if the Goods location acts as a airline handling location


Details which will be used as defaults in import related declarations, such as : 



AGS Location of GoodsDescription of Goods location, used the indicate the location of the goods at time of the AGS clearance
AGS EU Entry CustomsCode of the applicable EU COL customs office code, only applicable when different from declaration point
AGS Declaration OfficeCode for the AGS Office of declaration responsible for this declaration (0396 - Sea) / (0432 - AIR)
Inspection Loc. code (OTP101)The code linked to the certified inspections location as assigned by the nVWA (PD)
Inspection Loc. code (OTP102)nVWa responsible regional office


Details which will be used as defaults in export related declarations, such as : 



(AGS) Export customs location

Location details for export declarations (box 30), should be registered in the DSU electronic declaration license

(AGS) Export Organizational Unit

Declaration point export declarations (box A)

(AGS) Export Customs Office

The Customs office of Exit (ECS), Box 29 of an export declaration

(ECS) Arrival PlaceCity name related to the location of exit
(ECS) Customs Sub placeThe Assigned customs code linked to the location of exit (code list Z01) Format must be postal code (as found in (Z01)
and the house number with spaces between postal code and house numnber (e.g. 1118 LD34)
(ECS) Customs OfficeThe Customs office code which is ECS responsible to the goods location.
Provisioning Port Location codeThe unique location code for the port location as applicable in Provisioning Single window (code list N24)


Details as applicable for Nl NCTS declarations




Transit Loading Place

City name of the location of the goods in Transit (box 27)

Transit Location Types

Type of location on basis of the Customs licence.
n.a. - not applicable - location not used in transit declarations
AUT - Authorized Location Code - Code applicable for TG/TA declarations
CUS - Customs sub place - Code Applicable for normal procedure declarations
AGR - Agreed location name - name of the location agreed. (not common used in NL)
ALC - Agreed location code - Code for the agreed location. (not common used in NL)

Transit Location

Code / name for the location corresponding with the selected type

Transit Customs Office

Customs office code of the customs office responsible for the goods location


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