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In addition to house, direct and back-to-back shipments, master shipments can also be created in airfreight exports. Master shipments are also known as consolidations. A master program contains one or more house shipments and the master is usually addressed from one agent to another. These consolidated shipments are ultimately the least expensive method of shipping for the individual shippers and consignees. The duration of transportation to the final destination may well be considerable longer when compared to a direct shipment, this is because the agent needs to accumulate several shipments with the same or similar places of departure and destination in order to build a greater volume and weight which results in a lower price per chargeable kilo from the carrier (airline). Most agents offer a midweek and a weekend service consolidations. A house shipment delivered to the airline on a Thursday, for example, will wait until the weekend consolidation, shipping on a Saturday or Sunday.

In this application, all operations; data entry, billing, printing of documents and calculation of costs and revenues will be performed to create the airfreight export master or consolidations.


Select New - Master Shipment to create a new master consolidation.
Select Open to open an existing master shipment that is highlighted in the overview of shipments. Alternatively double-click the highlighted master shipment to open it.

The functions of each of the shipment editors are described below: