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Maintenance is also know as base data and is information that is used repeatedly within various Scope applications. In contrast, transactional data such as shipment data is not general used on a permanent like master data but is created for one-time usage and only sporadically amended or supplemented. Probably the most known type of master data are addresses which are often referred to as an address master. Within Scope of this type of master data is referred to as a business partner called because in addition to the address itself other data about the business partner is collected and managed. Other examples of master data are charge types, tariffs, country data and exchange rates. For most master data there are management applications where the data can be edited or enhanced. Some master data cannot be managed in this way by the user and instead may be maintained by Riege Software. This is necessary in instances where the master data is standardized internationally and in order to exchange data with other systems it is essential to maintain the integrity of this data. Examples of this kind of data is country codes or UN location codes.


The applications menu has a Maintenance section that provided access to applications used to manage master data. Some master data such as business partner information can be managed within shipment applications by using the context menu in the address fields.

In the following chapters master data managment applications are described in detail: