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The tab jobcosting displays all costs and revenues. This enables an overview of the profitability of the shipment. Cost and revenue is based on the master data sets; activity type, charge type and tariff rates. Jobcosting figures are generated automatically by input of payable vouchers and output of invoices and credit notes (More information is available in the section on Automatic tariffing). Expenditure and revenue accruals may also be manually inserted into job-costing, but it is intended that jobcosting should be largely automated.


Main menu bar and title bar

see General tab

Show Cancelled

Check this box to show cancelled documents. This box is unchecked by default.


This link will refresh the list of transactions and include the latest details.

New Estimate Income

Opens charges editor and allows entry of a new income estimate.

New Estimate Payment

Opens charges editor and allows entry of a new estimate payment.


Opens the charges editor and allows the charge highlighted in the overview of charges.


Deletes the charge highlighted in the overview of charges.

Only certain entries may be edited or deleted. Entries that cannot be edited or deleted can be adjusted here

Compute Breakdown

To pro-rate costs from the master shipment to the houses, the "Compute Breakdown" button can be used.

Charges Summary Table


The type of charge line.

Charge type

Charge type of the current line.


Partner code of the business partner to whom the charge was applied or from whom the charge was received.

Booking date

The date of the document that contains the charge.


The voucher number for the voucher that contains the charge.


Income or revenue amount.


Cost or expenses amount.


The profit of the line item.

Charges Editor


The party who billed or received the charge. The partner search function is available to locate a different partner.

Charge Type

Charge type of the item.

Amount, Exchange Rate

the amount of the item in local currency. If in foreign currency an exchange rate is shown.

In addition to manual adjustment of the value of the item, the field also provided a drop down menu to access an on screen calculator (F3) or refresh of tariffs (F5) to apply any new tariffs to the line item.


The total amount in local currency.


Any remarks relevant to the line item may be recorded. Right click to access text blocks .


Store the line item and any changes made.


Exits the application without any changes.

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