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House shipments are created within air freight exports in addition to Consolidated, Direct and Back2Back. A House shipment can be combined with other shipments into a Consolidated shipment. A House shipment is usually between the original shipper and the final consignee, in contrast a consolidated shipment - where multiple single House shipments were combined - is typically from the Export Agent to the Import Agent.
The goal of creating house shipments is to consolidate multiple house shipments under a single master shipment, because the greater the combined total weight/volume of the shipments, the more favorable the rates for air transport costs.

The name House shipment derives from the fact that the shipment is an "in-house transport" and will be processed between shipper and agents and consignee. The airline (carrier) is not involved at this level of transportation.

The following operations can be handled in this application: data entry, invoices for the house airwaybill (HAWB), printing of documents, costs, revenues and delivery notes.


Select New - House shipment to create a new house shipment.
Select Open to open an existing shipment highlighted in the overview. Alternatively the shipment can also be Double Clicked and this will open the shipment in the full shipment editor.

The function of each program editor is described here: