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In almost all applications there are help functions for the individual fields. In addition to standard scope help texts, local help texts can also be stored. These provide the user with specific in-house auxiliary help information.


The help for a specific field by pressing the F1 key will be called if the focus is on that field. When calling the help is always local help first appears. If no local help is available, the standard will help loads.

Standard Help

The help function is delivered as a standard part of the software. The default help text will be updated as part of release updates, and expanded where necessary.

Help edit

Opens the help editor for local help

Help editor

When opening the help function, the standard help text is displayed. This may be edited with the help editor. The help title and text may be edited.


Stores the local help text.


Closes the help editor without further action.

Local Help

Standard help

displays the standard scope help.

Help edit

Opens the editor to edit the local help text.

Reset to default help

Deletes the local help text and replaces it with the standard help text.