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The application Scope Handling enables a comfortable warehouse management and handling of goods for companies that run their own warehouse and offer additional services on the handling of shipments, such as handling agents. The application includes a various range of functionalities that can meet the requirements of handling companies. Scope handling includes components for the dispatching of trucks, for the handling of Security measures (like Screening Orders), a Route Management Tool,  ULD inventory, RFS (Road Feeder Service) Flights handling.  The processes in the warehouse (storage and retrieval of goods, inventory, etc.) can be supported by barcode scanners, which can process label and furthermore labels from customer.  Scheduled orders can also be transferred to an external telematics system. The driver can then use a scanner to send the status of the orders and delivery receipts and, if necessary, send photos back to Scope.

The fully description of all available Handling applications is currently only available in the German version of the Scope User Manual.