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When a new contract is created or an existing contracted is opened, the contract editor open at the General tab of the contract. This tab is used to define all the billing related information required to issue regularly repeating invoices.



Creates a new contract.


Saves the currently open contract.


Opens an example of the invoice in PDF format on the local computer. This is a sample document and no financial changes occur.


This action is only available if a new contract has not been saved. Once a contract is saved, it is not possible to delete it, however a contract can be terminated by setting the Ends on date to a date in the past.


Closes the current contract without saving any changes.


The party with who the contract is agreed and to whom the invoices will be issued. This is search field that will search for stored partners

Contact person

The name of the person at the contrating party who should be contacted in relation to this contract. Any contacts currently stored for the business partner will be available in this search field.

Cost center

The cost center to which charges should be applied by the accounting department for this contract.

Last invoice

The date on which the last invoice for this contract was generated.

Ends On

The date on which this contract will end. After this date, no further invoices will be issued.

Next invoice

The date on which the next invoice is due to be issued.

All x months

The monthly interval on which the next invoice is to be issued.

Service in previous month

This indicates that the service performed is done in the previous month and the invoice issue date is adjusted accordingly.

Credit note instead of invoice

This check box is used to indicate that a credit note should be issued instead of an invoice.


The subject of the contract.


Additional information about the contract be printed on the document.


Displays charges to be billed to the recipient. At least 1 charge must be present if the document is to be printed. These may be doubled clicked or opened with the edit function if further adjustments are required.


Creates a new line item.


Opens the highlighted item for further editing.


The highlighted item will be removed.


The selected item will be moved one position up in the list of charges.


The selected item will be moved one position down in the list of charges.