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Various fields within scope can be used for a full-text search. Results are displayed based on the text entered (similar to the quick search ). The more specific the search text, the more specific is the result.


Within the applications there are two types of full-text search fields, both are marked with the Symbol.

Overview Search

In the summary search, all data in the overview and some other important data of the individual records in the current list were included in the search. As in the quick search it is possible to include more than one search text.

Reset the search box by clicking on the symbol . All data will now be shown again in the overview.

  • The search text "HKG", "JFK", "AI-H" will find all the items in the current overview which have been transported from HKG (Hong Kong) to JFK (New York) and have been recognized as an air import house shipments.

Search box

In the Search box, all relevant records are searched; partner records will be searched in partner fields while UNLOCODES will be search when in country of origin or destination fields. Similar to the the Quick Find, the search begins again when a search string is entered. Multiple texts can also be entered as a single search.


Input the search text "hand" in a partner-field and all business partners are found which contain the text "hand" anywhere in the name or the address. Using the multiple search text "hal" "stu", the business partner Haller Handling in Stuttgart will be found. The desired data can then be selected with a click of the mouse and will then appear in the partner field.