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The home page displays the scope folders. In addition to the default folders like Inbox, Favorites and Recent used Documents folder, it is possible for personal folders to be created. Items (shipments, partners) can then be copied to these folders. This allows an optimal organization of the work area and a quick access to important data. It is also possible to put a shipment in the inbox folder of another user who can then process the shipment as required.


It is important to note that the Scope folder concept is not the same as that used in Windows Explorer. Items which are assigned to a folder are there only as a short cut. An item is not physically moved between different folders. If a Shipment is deleted from a folder, the actual shipment is not deleted.


On the home screen, use the New Folder option to add folders and use the Delete Folder option to delete the highlighted folder.

Folder area

Here, the various folders are displayed. Further information is available in manage folders area below. By clicking on the desired order in the area the folder contents are displayed.

folder contents

This area displays the contents of the folder.

  • Double click the desired shipment or partner to open it in the appropriate editor.
  • To remove an item from a folder, highlight the item and use the delete key to remove it.

Folder actions

Add to

Use the share icon on the tool bar to This folder action is used to add a marked record (eg a shipment or a partner) to the folder of choice.

Send to

This action is used to send the currently selected record (eg a shipment or a partner), to the inbox folder of another user. This is mainly used for passing an operation to another user for further editing.

The desired user can be selected from the list of users, or use the keyword search to find the desired user.


Sends the selected document to the Inbox folder of the selected user and assigns it to this user.


Closes the dialog without further action.

Manage folders area

In the Folders area, there are three system folders

  • Inbox
  • Favorites
  • recent documents

When you load the home page by default the folder displays Recent Documents and its contents.

New folder

This action link is used to create a new, user-defined folder.

Rename folders

Double-click the desired folder, the edit mode for the current folder name appears. If desired the folder can be renamed.

Delete folder

This action link is used to delete the selected folder from the folder area, after an appropriate security check has been conducted.

System folders can not be deleted or renamed.