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Scope utilizes various field types that allow different types of data to be entered. Depending on the data to be entered the field can have special properties and functions. This simplifies data collection and prevents incorrect entries and data inconsistencies.


Search field

Allows quick and easy location of the desired information. Immediatly after entering the first character in a search field, the application begins filtering for matching data. As further characters are entered the search becomes more specific.

Date and Time field

Requires a date and time to be entered.

Business partner field

These fields assist with searching for or entering and processing a business partner and the partners addresses. These fields offer the full text search function.

Weight field

Is used to record net, gross weight or volume (chargeable weight).

Volume factor- and volume fields

For input of the Volume factor and the Volume of the package.

Flight data field

Formatted for the entry of flight number and flight date .

Dropdown field

Provides a list of values available which may be used in the field. Example are movement type or Incoterms).

Monetary field

Allows input of funds including the associated currency code. If no specific currency code is entered, the system will automatically use the local currency.

Currency and Rate field

A currency field is normally associated with a currency rate field. A currency field will default to the local currency, but the code or name or part thereof of a different currency may be entered to search for different currencies. If a foreign currency is selected the application will try to use the maintained exchange rates to automatically determine the correct rate for the currency selected. This may be over-written if required.

Text field

For entering texts. The text length can depending on the intended use of the text field. Using the integrated context menu, complete Text blocks , or existing references can be inserted into text fields.