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The documents tab shows all documents that have been created and printed for the current shipment. Uploaded documents are also displayed.


The following functions are available:

Main menu bar and title bar

see General tab

Open selected documents

Opens any document currently highlighted in the list. Documents will open according to the file type associations of the local pc. For example Adobe Acrobat Reader will be used to open PDFs if that is the program associated with PDFs on the local pc.

Save selected document

Save the selected document to a drive on the local PC. A folder navigator will appear to allow navigation to the correct folder.

Reprint selected documents.

Opens a print application that allows the document to be printed to the local printer, or to a printer in an available print pool. It is possible to setup the print pools of remote offices to be accessible for printing to these remote offices.

Local printer

Print the document on the predefined default printer.

Print to printer pool

Allows selection of a printer pool from the list displayed.

Printer-Pools (List)

The desired printer pool can be selected from the list. Documents can be set to print to particular printers automatically.


Print the document to the selected printer.


Cancel the operation without further action.

Upload document...

Opens a file dialogue window which can be used to upload an external file to the current shipment.


Updates the current list of documents.