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A direct shipment may be either an LCL or FCL shipment, or it may be a breakbulk shipment or a ro-ro shipment. There is no house B/L issued for a direct shipment, instead a single ocean B/L or Marine Bill of lading is issued. In addition there is no import agent for a direct shipment since management of the goods on arrival is handled by the Carrier, who hand the goods over to the import agent at the port of arrival according to the instructions of the Consignee. This application allows the collection of all information for the creation of a direct shipment, generation of documentation of communication of data to partners and authorities.


Create a direct shipment by clicking the "New" option on the Scope menu bar and from the list of shipment types select "Direct". This will open the direct shipment "General " tab.

The following tabs are availble to enter direct shipment details:

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